Yo! All you fit mamas out there, are you ready?

Let’s kick some energy into your everyday routine!

My name is Janil Jean and I’m a mom just like you, working around schedules, melt downs and smart ass rebuttals. A mom’s life is never without chaos, emergencies, and oh-no moments. Some moms take it in their strides like a pro, while others struggle to catch up often failing miserably, end up depressed and feeling like a failure. Don’t you give up tiger!

My blog YoFitMamas.com is created for people just like you and me – when you think you don’t what to do, “google it”. This blog serves as a go-to place for the latest tips on fitness, hip style guide, and nifty work around kids’ tricks.

Whether you’re looking for short exercise with maximum fitness impact or nifty gadgets to ease your routine around the kids; style guide to turn you from drag to queen or how to cook healthy meals for your family; we’re right here for you.

But hey it doesn’t have to be a one way street. We’re open to suggestions, your very own discoveries and expertise to share with others in this journey of motherhood. Just comment in the blog you’re interested in or shoot me an email at info@yofitmamas.com , we’ll make sure your ideas are shared!

Let share the energy!