19 Must-Have Baby Gadgets for Parenting in 2019

Motherhood is a precious time. You get a little munchkin to call yours forever and ever. However, as much as this bundle of joy becomes your sole source of happiness, motherhood can sometimes be daunting and challenging especially if you are a working mom, or even a stay-at-home mom. Thank goodness we have progressed and now have technology for almost all of our woes. Here we have compiled a list of 19 must-haves baby gadgets for parenting if you are going to welcome or have already welcomed a new being in your life.

1.      A Smart Baby Monitor

Whatever year you are in, if you have a newborn in your home, you will need to have a smart baby monitor installed. Having a baby monitor allows you peace of mind because of its smart features that triggers notifications to your phone if and when required. If the baby’s movements are inconsistent or if the baby is up for a feed, you’ll always be notified. You can even keep a watch over your baby from any part of your home, allowing you to carry on with your work or chores without constantly having to check on your baby in the other room.

Here’s a monitor we like Nanit Smart Baby Monitor, available for $249.99

2.      Baby Sound Machine

Babies are known to sleep better with familiarized sounds. Having a baby sound machine allows you to program the machine to the sounds of your baby’s liking and thus helping them sleep peacefully for longer periods of time. A sound sleeping baby equals to more work done for the working moms.

Check this Cloud b Sleep Sheep, for $31.95.

3.      A Jogging Stroller

If you are among the moms more on the fitness side of the sphere, then this is the perfect stroller for you. Getting a jogging stroller will help you take your baby for a workout with its adjustable handles and sturdy wheels to keep up with you no matter what speed you decide to jog/run on.

Take a look at Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Stroller, Gotham available for $99.

4.   Portable UVC LED Sterilizer

If you are an always-on-the-go mom, then this portable UVC LED sterilizer is sent from heaven for you. No need to worry about sterilizing your baby’s bottles in the time capsules. Working moms or on-the-go moms can keep this in their bag for anywhere anytime sterilizing to ensure no germs. Whew!

Here’s one that’ll soon be available. Klistem Portable Multifunctional Sterilizer, available for preorder at $49.

5.   Child Car Safety Monitor

One of the biggest worries of a mom is the safety of her child. With a child car safety monitor, you can strap in your young-one in the backseat of your car and be worry free. This monitor will keep a watchful eye on your baby and sound an alarm in case of an emergency.

Check Elpho eClip available for $67.

6.      Collapsible Baby Bottles

Who has extra bag space? Not working moms for sure. If you are a working mom, having a tons of baby bottles in your bag at all times is nearly impossible. Get on the trend and get a collapsible baby bottle for ultra-spacesaving and cool-looking baby bottles that grow with your baby. Now you can have even tens of baby bottles in your cute little tote and no one will know how you do that. Sshh!

Looking to get one or tens? Here’s one you can check out. CollapseandGo, available for pre-orders, $30 for two bottles.

7.      Baby White Noise Machine

Study suggest babies stay calmer when surrounded by light white noises such as sounds of water falling or night skies or just useless white noise. Who knew, right? This white noise machine produces soothing noises to help your baby relax. After all, a calmer baby means a relaxed mom.

Here’s one we really like, Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine, for $39.58.

8.      Air Humidifier:

With tons of germs surrounding us, having an air-humidifier for your baby’s room is a no-brainer. It can help purify the air that your baby breathes resulting in less sick time and more happy healthy time for your baby. If you have to have a baby gadget for parenting, this is it.

If you’re confused at which one to buy, give Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier by Pure Enrichment, for $39.99 a go.

9.      Baby Formula Pro

Having to make baby formula can become exhausting just because of the fact that moms have to do it for nearly a million times. Having a baby formula pro can ease your troubles and save you time at the same time. It can prepare baby formula milk in less than 30 seconds. Just set it once and your set for until you need to change the settings. Simple as that.

One of the favorites is BabyBrezza Formula Pro for $179.99.

10.  Baby Cradle and Swing

If you are a new mom that works from home, soothing your baby for countless hours can put a hurdle in your work. A baby cradle and swing will become your go to when you need to get some hands-free time or to get some work done. Just put your baby in and the cradle and swing will automatically cradle and swing your baby to comfort. Just as the name suggests. 😉

Check out Fisher Price’s collection of Baby Cradle n Swing starting at $9.99.

11.  Baby Cook

Every mama wishes to feed her baby the healthiest, and the most nutritious foods ever. But it can become a daunting task very soon. Baby cook is an excellent invention that can turn boring but healthy veggies into baby food or purees that even the most fussiest babies will eat right to the last bite.

One of the bests out there is Beaba Baby Cook, starting at $99.95

12.  Smart Sock Baby Monitor

Worried about your baby’s well-being? A smart sock baby monitor is as easy as it gets. Just put on the sock on your baby’s foot and control all of the notifications and measurements on your phone. Your baby won’t even notice the monitor and you’ll get regular updates.

We really like this Owlet Baby Sock Monitor, available for $299.99

13.  Motion Detector Night Light

Running back and forth to your baby’s room is bound to tire an already tired mom. Installing a motion detector night light will make sure you don’t have to tumble upon toys and stuff to get to your baby in the dark or struggle to get the light on without falling or hitting your foot on the corner of the cabinets. It will automatically lighten your way, and as a bonus, will help your little one on their trips to the bathroom during the night when they are old enough to go.

Don’t know which one to buy? Have a look at Smart LED Motion Activated Sensor Night Light, for $19.99.

14.  Baby Bottle Warmer

Warming baby’s milk can take away precious minutes of your time. Make your life easier by getting a baby bottle warmer. It will have the milk warmed in no time with a guaranteed no spilling or over boiling. This makes it must-have baby gadget for parenting.

For a sleek design and function, we like BabyBrezza Smart Bottle Warmer for $69.99.

15.  Smart Pump and Store

A portable pumping machine is any working mom’s dream but what if we told you that you can now also store the milk directly in pouches as you pump. No need to transfer to pouches to store your precious breast milk. Now pump and store directly.

Get on the bandwagon with The Willow Experience available for $479.99.

16.  Pacifier Thermometer

A sick baby is automatically a fussy baby. And trying to take temperature becomes a hundred times difficult when the baby is sick. A pacifier thermometer is perfect for moms when they have a sick baby to care for. It will take accurate temperature measurement without annoying the baby.

Check SummerInfant’s Pacifier Thermometer, for $11.99

17.  Wearable Smart Baby Trackers

Baby trackers have now become a thing for mom to keep a track of their baby’s well-being. Investing in a smart baby tracker can ease lives of working moms as they fit right on your baby’s diapers or pants without troubling them. And you can keep notified of your baby’s well-beings at all times.

Check this lovingly designed Allb Smart Baby Track for $159.

18.  Spout Covers:

Getting the perfect water temperature for a bath or shower is such a science even for us adults. Imagine getting it right for your baby? Daunting, right? This must-have baby gadget for parenting comes with spout covers, you can adjust the temperature on a few clicks and not have to worry about the water going too cold or too hot. It will make sure the temperature remains consistent so you can enjoy bath time with your little munchkin.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at 4moms Spout Cover for just $29.99.

19.  Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor and Alexa Speaker

One of my favorites from the list is this Project Nursery. The most impressive feature of this baby monitor is that it syncs with Alexa, which means you can have Alexa monitor your baby, play lullabies, or even control the temperature of your baby’s room with just a simple command to your friend Alexa, and it’ll take care of it.

Here a link to ease things for you. Get Project Nursery Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa and Smart Baby Monitor System for $200.

This sums up our list for 19 must-have gadgets for parenting in 2019. The list can go on with a lot of other baby products that will make any mom’s life easier, but these suffice as the gadgets for now. With the positive use of technology, we can make our and our baby’s lives easier and spend quality time without having to worry about safety and chores. Enjoy motherhood with your little one because they’ll grow up in a blink of an eye! Good Luck!

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