The Ultimate Mommy and Me Stroller Workout to Lose Weight Fast

Nothing beats a nice walk with your baby down the park. It keeps away from boredom and also helps you socialize. Did you know you can workout with your baby as you stroll down your favorite park with them? This workout idea was discovered when a study on 15 women revealed that a significant amount of calories were burnt as they pushed their babies in strollers. It helped them burn more calories than by merely walking.

1) Postpartum Fitness Exercise

Before you start with any stressful exercise program, be sure to go for a check-up. Bring out the stroller and some sunscreen (in case you want some for your baby). This video will guide you through the basics of this exercise.

Hold the stroller firmly with your wrists straight with your elbows placed outwards as you inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

2) Baby Stroller Warm Up


Start out slowly and pick up the pace accordingly. You can use both the hands and then switch between them while doing large circles between the switch. Walk while extending your leg forward.

3) Sitting and Rolling

Stand on your feet with your legs wide apart, and your abs drawn inside with your elbows bent as you hold on to the stroller.

Follow the video for more detailed instructions.

4) The Stroller Jog

Jogging and strolling can be done easily with the help of just an adapter. The stroller will be attached as you jog alongside it. There’s also a safety harness for emergency.

5) The Classic Squat with Stroller

Squats are easy, just stand behind your stroller while gripping on the stroller handle. Keep a minimum hands-shoulder gap as your knee and feet face the stroller. As you sit down on your back, put pressure on your heels. Push the stroller forward and backward as you squat down and up. Ideally three sets a day should would do.

6) Lunge and Stroll


It is a very effective method to work out which helps in strengthening your lower body. This exercise is very easy and can be done as you walk with the stroller. Lower your upper body till your thigh is parallel to the ground. Your front knee doesn’t need to exceed forward than the toes. Start out with standard number of sets and increase it accordingly.

7) Walk with Stroller


Continue your walk keeping your body straight and your knees facing forward. Keep walking at a challenging pace. Don’t make these walks feel like a recovery.

Safety tips:

  •         Your stroller should always be within your hand’s reach
  •         Wait for at least six weeks postpartum to start with these exercises
  •         Always take your doctor’s advice before you start with anything
  •         Make sure that your stroller is stable and safe for your kid.

When time is of the essence, multitasking is the way to make sure moms get the fitness they deserve. And that’s the reason why “Mommy & Me” stroller exercise routines exist to make your life easier. If you don’t own a jogging stroller then get one right now to start your exercise routine. 

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