5 Activities to Do with Your Teen for Working Moms

When you are a working mom, time tends to fly faster and your kid grows up before you even realize. It is quite easy for busy moms to miss out on their kids’ teenage years because it is quite a fragile and fleeting period. So, here we are with a list of unconventional activities that you can do with your children to help you develop a stronger bond and to keep you from missing out on their precious and innocent phase:

1. Run errands

Killing two birds with one stone. Even as a working mom, this is something that you can do frequently and is the easiest way to communicate and be with your teenage child. Whether it’s a quick trip to the nearby grocery store or getting the oil changed in your car, errands are always more fun when you have company. They also present a very special chance to impart some wisdom to your teen about adult responsibilities while giving them some hands on experience at the same time. You can even let them take the lead on these errands to help them learn faster.

2. Pamper time

For busy working moms, this might be one of the best ways to connect with your teenager while having fun doing it. But this requires some advance planning so you need to be ready beforehand. Schedule a spa for your next off day and bring your teen along for the appointment. And then go on to have the time of your life. As professionals pamper your body, you can relax, talk and share a few jokes with your child. If this does not make you cooler in your kid’s eyes, we don’t know what will. And the best part about it? You get to have glowing skin and clean hands and feet at the end of the day. Have fun with your kid and look pretty doing it. Doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Attend workshops

This might take a bit of time so it will be difficult to arrange, especially for working moms, but it is still quite worth it. You can check out your local craft shops or something that your kid might be interested in and attend a workshop on that with your child. It’s better to choose something your kid is interested in as it will give you more insight into their likes and dislikes and will give you many new things to talk about in the future. For busy moms, these provide rare chances to connect with them with the child on an intellectual yet personal level.

4.  Balancing the Books

Let’s be honest. Schools don’t do a good job when it comes to teaching kids about monetary matters. But it’s important for kids to know about all of that because soon they will be leaving home for college or a job and will have to manage all of this on their own. It’s also a fantastic option for busy moms because they can easily get some work done and spend time with their children at the same time. Just take your kids to a bank and teach them about basic things like savings, credit, balancing the books etc. Maybe even let them open their own bank account, if they don’t have one already. Teach them how you manage the budget of your household and keep things running. This will hopefully make them more responsible and help them with their finances in the future.

5. Bring them to work

This is one of the best ways to familiarize your teens with what you do.  Busy working moms can sometimes have a hard time connecting with their children because of how much they work. It’s hard sometimes for teenagers to grasp why you are as busy as you are and not paying attention to them. This is the most practical way to let them know where you work and also a great opportunity to teach them a thing or two about the professional world. It’ll also make them appreciate your efforts and help them understand why you are one of those very busy moms.

There are a million other ways to spend time with your child and hopefully this list will give you some ideas. So, get out and spend time with your teenager and make sure to have the time of your life while doing it. Soon they’ll officially be an adult and you’ll complain about how quickly time flies. So make sure to enjoy these moments of bliss with your child while time is still on your side.

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