Why Moms into Fitness Break Barriers

When I was young, I thought the people who made the world go round were incredible people. They’re out of this world. Especially women like Margaret Thatcher, the Queen of England, Princess Diana, Indira Gandhi and Jackie Kennedy, seemed to be a breed of their own. However, now when I read their histories, they all have one thing in common: they are active and know how to take care of their health. So, I dug deeper and found the reasons why moms into fitness break barriers.

They know how to balance childcare and health

One of the most widely believed stereotypes about moms into fitness is that they don’t take care of their children because they are so busy maintaining their routine. But that is utter nonsense. Moms into fitness are the ones who take more care of their children. They know that healthy habits make healthier families. Their healthy routines encourage their children and the rest of the family to eat and stay healthy. A fit mom is more equipped to take care of the family than a mother who is ailing and unhealthy. Moms into fitness not only make sure everyone eats healthy but that everyone in the family has healthy habits too. This is not taking less but better care of their child.

They are open to tough challenges

They are open to challenges, be it work or home related. These make them brilliant women leaders and employees as they are ready to deal with any problem or obstacle life might throw their way. Moms into fitness have the can-do attitude because of how adept they are at balancing two of the hardest things to do in life, that is, caring for their family and staying fit. So, they are no stranger to difficult work. They are not afraid to actually get their hands dirty either. And this means that they are the ones you should be trusting with important work.

They multitask everything 

Believe me when I say this – moms into fitness are experts when it comes to multitasking. And the major reason for this is again that they somehow find time in their day to cook healthy meals for their children, clean and take care of the babies and the house while making sure they fulfill their daily workout quota. They even make sure to get enough sleep to so they remain healthy and energetic. And they do all this in the span of 24 hours. They can handle several things at once while not crumbling under pressure. If they can workout while taking their baby out on strollers, they can surely manage three deadlines at once. So it is really no wonder that they make such efficient leaders and trusted managers. 

They are precise in time management

They know how to fit a seemingly impossible number of things into their schedule. And how do they do this? Three words: efficient time management. Moms into fitness know exactly when to do what. They can type out articles as the food is baking in the oven and design presentations while they do the laundry. This incredible talent lets them do thrice the amount of work a normal person can get done in a day without so much as batting an eye. 

They have incredible energy level

Combine expert multitasking, amazing time management abilities and a never ending pool of energy and the resulting superhero you get looks exactly like every moms into fitness. They can go for long on site tours under the scalding sun, come back and do a presentation to win over an important client and then volunteer to take care of the work her colleagues had failed to deliver. And she will not show a hint of tiredness the entire time. Even though you know that she had made sure to cook and clean the household and get the children to school before she even got to office. So, where does all this energy come from? Well, moms into fitness work really hard to developing this bottomless pool of energy. They eat well, sleep on time and never miss their daily workout and diet quota.

So, in case you are a new mom guiltily debating whether you should start taking care of your health, you need to realize there is nothing to be guilty about being one of the moms into fitness. You might think that you should focus on career and family instead of your own fitness but remember, the healthier you are, the better it is for your family and even for your career. After all, they need you around all the time and you owe it to everyone to give it your best.

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