How to Stay Fit for New Moms

You’re sleep deprived; your world has turned upside down; the baby is crying all the time, and all you want to do is just sleep and forget about the din around you. How can anyone even suggest about staying fit? We’ll let you on a secret: all will be wiped away if you follow these stay fit for new mom routines. Yes, your world can right itself again, and you will feel good about motherhood. But first let’s start with the basics.

Rise Early

Before you start with all the doubts, let us tell you, you need to revise your whole schedule together. Since you are the one taking care of the baby in the morning, ask your husband to do it in the night. You deserve a night full of rest and peace. Put your baby to sleep just before you sleep yourself. Wake up early the next morning, for a cardio workout in the fresh air (do consult your doctor before starting out postpartum exercises). A seven minutes workout including crunches, squats and planking should be helpful. Remember to warm up before attempting these exercises. Stay fit for new moms should be your new anthem this year.


To stay fit as a new mom, you have to learn to follow a diet regimen, and a healthy one at that. Nine months of eating anything has gone, so time to revert to normal eating. Since you are trying to stay fit, avoid fat foods like burgers, pizza, curries, or baked goods. Try eating healthy foods like whole grain bread, muesli, or cereal with lots of fruits. Drink juice, lots of water, and milk. Maintaining a healthy nutritious breakfast is important for you as well as the baby who might be feeding from you still.


A five minute jogging exercise every morning or evening, is quite helpful to stay fit for new moms. It increases your stamina and burns a lot of calories. And with time it becomes as regular as the food you eat everyday. If you don’t want to do it alone, you can bring your spouse along as well to give each other company. Who says you have to stay fit alone.

Bring Your Kids

You can start off with stroller exercises with your baby which will be light on your body. If you have toddlers, then the best way to exercise would be to include them in your regimen as well. You can attempt aerobics but always use a guide to start off. Aerobics co-ordinates your breathing with agility and flexible exercises to not strain your body so much but slowly bringing it into shape. Once your kids sees it, they would love to try it too with you.

Hit the Gym

To stay fit, new moms learn early on to hit the gym at least two to four times a week. Since every every day is not possible, pick a time of the day, and days of the week for a workout regimen. Use the treadmill regularly, lift weights, and any other fitness equipment that your body can handle. Mark the calendar beforehand so that it motivates you to cross that day off the to-do list.

It’s hard to stay fit for new moms but remember not to  push yourself too much. In the beginning it might get a little difficult because your body needs time to heal. So start your workout regimen slowly, don’t push yourself. Reach the cardio level workout only when you understand that your body can take it.. Determination and motivation are important factors to boost you to stay in shape and be flexible.

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