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25 Gifts for First Time Pregnant Moms

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So your best-friend or sister is expecting her first bundle of joy? Rather than gift her with vests and onesies, give her something to make the experience smooth yet joyful.

Here are a few gifts for first time pregnant moms would love to have, and be thankful to you.

1) Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping during pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable, and for a first time pregnant mom, the feeling is worse. Gift her with a full body pregnancy pillow, and you might just become her new favorite person.

2) Compression stockings

Swollen achy lower legs and feet are common among first time moms. Compression socks enhance blood circulation easing and preventing the swelling.

3) Self-care kit

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Pack a self-care kit with a razor extension for first time pregnant mom, face serum, belly butter to help with the stretch marks, and leg and feet cream for swollen legs. Add a water bottle with an intake tracker and some tummy drops.

4) Maternity belt

A maternity belt can ease the hip and pelvic discomfort resulting from the added bump weight. The stretching pains are especially stressful for first-time moms.

5) A memory book and baby journal

The memory book can help her capture every special moment, track the baby’s growth, journal about her feelings, and display ultrasound images.

6) Triple sonogram picture frame

Get an adorable picture frame that can hold the baby’s sonograms, preferably three for each trimester. Having these images by the bedside is a sight any expectant mom would love to wake up to.

7) Heartbeat baby monitor

Gift her with the joy of listening to the glorious sound of the baby’s heart. Besides, regularly monitoring the heartbeat is vital, especially in the first trimester.

8) Baby bump sound system

At 20 weeks, a baby is capable of hearing. A baby bump sound system enables the mom-to-be to talk to her child and play music to the baby.

9) Pre-packed maternity hospital bag

Show your friend some care by gifting her with a pre-packed hospital bag. Pack it with everything mom and baby would need during their stay in hospital.

10) A book designed for new moms

Get her a book designed to guide new moms. The Sh!t No One Tells You and What To Expect When You’re Expecting are excellent choices. Add in a recipe book for lactating moms.

11) Video baby monitor with two way communication

Save her the trouble of walking to the crib every two seconds with the gift of a video baby monitor. With two way communication, she can soothe her baby back to sleep from any part of the house.

12) Gift card voucher

There are a lot of expenses involved in the preparation of a new baby. A gift card such as the Amazon.com gift card enables her to pick what she needs and when she needs it.

13) Hand and footprint maker

The first years with the baby quickly pass by. Help the mom keep memories of the cute little feet and hands with a hand and footprint maker.

14) Letters to my baby

Letters to my baby include twelve unique ideas to guide her into capturing her love, hope, and dreams for her kids in writing. She can give the letters to her baby when they grow up.   

15) A remedy to relax

Epsom salt is safe for pregnant moms. She can use it to relax her muscles in a bath. Bundle it with a fancy pregnancy bathrobe, comfy maternity pajama set, and Dakota slippers.

16) Birthing tips DVD

Give her a DVD with practical advice on movements to properly position the baby on the pelvis for a more natural birth. She will be eternally grateful for this.

17) Maternity bras

Get her a few comfortable and supportive maternity bras, couple it with hydrogel pads for cracked nipples. They ease the soreness, promote healing, and keep the skin soft and moisturized.

18) Diapers and wipes subscription box

The first weeks after birth can be overwhelming for first time pregnant moms. Take a little burden off by ensuring she is well stocked up with diapers and wipes.

19) Baby Shusher

The gadget soothes the baby to sleep using a calming sound. It gives mom a chance to get a much-needed rest.

20) Flower subscription box

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Many changes are happening to her body, and she probably feels fat and unattractive. Make her feel special by having fresh, beautiful flowers delivered monthly or every trimester.

21) A birthing ball

Help her stay in shape with a birthing ball. It reduces back pains, eases the pain of contractions and could also shorten the first stage of labor. Throw in a couple of dumbbells as well to help her stay strong and toned up.

22) Multi-function diaper bag

Get her a bag that can function as a handbag and a backpack, making it easy for daddy to carry essentials when taking the baby with him. She can also use it for other needs such as shopping.

23) Robotic vacuum cleaner

If your budget is limited, you can pool funds with other friends or relatives to buy a gift for first time pregnant mom friend a robotic vacuum cleaner. It can help with the cleaning chores now that she is heavy and later when she is too busy with the baby.

24) Air purifier

Help her protect the delicate newborn from airborne allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses that can lead to infections with an air purifier. As much as it’s important, it may be the last thing on her mind, or her budget may make it impossible to invest in one.

25) Baby bath pillow and lounger

Combining soap, water, a squirmy infant, and an inexperienced mom can make bath time a risky moment. Gift her with a bath pillow and lounger. It keeps the baby happy, safe, and comfortable when getting cleaned up or lounging.

These gifts for first time pregnant moms are marked with love and can put a smile on any first-time mom’s face. They show you put some thought into it and are determined to make the nine months as well as taking care of the baby easier for her.

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