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50 Work At Home Jobs for Moms

Quitting a nine-five job to take care of the little ones does not mean a mom should go broke. There are jobs you can do at the comfort of your home, and earn as much as $3,000 a month.

Here are a few work at home jobs for moms like you to try.

Professional Jobs

1) Consultant

Use your work experience to offer remote support to companies and individuals looking for consultants in your field of specialty. Carry out extensive research and ensure you are well knowledgeable in your niche.

Freelancing websites such as HireMyMom.com, Upwork, PeopleperHour, Guru, Freelancer, Fiverr, Flexjobs, Indeed, Toptal, and Craiglist are a great way to connect with potential clients. Create a website to showcase your services and do aggressive marketing of your skills on social media.

2) Bookkeeper / Accountant

Approach various small businesses and ask to take care of their accounting needs and tax returns, which you can do at your schedule. The average income of a freelance bookkeeper is $35,000. You can earn more depending on your rates, the number of clients, and your hard work.

Find work at the above freelancing websites. You can also increase your client base by networking.

3) IT Support

Use your troubleshooting skills to earn more than $34,000 a year as an IT support staff.  You can offer technical support in IT-related matters either online or through a telephone.

Dell, Computer Assistant, and Apple offer work at home jobs for moms with strong computer skills.

4) Web Developer

If you can code, you can make a decent amount working from home. Build websites and do web designs for clients. Bid and apply for jobs at HireMyMom.com, Envanto Studio, and in the freelance portals mentioned above.

According to Simply Hired, you can earn up to $81,000 a year working as a web developer. Your earnings can get to $100,000 per year by creating an attractive portfolio, doing aggressive marketing of your skills and networking.

5) Graphic Design

Companies need to outsource the skills of a creative graphic designer now and then. You can earn up to $37,000 per year offering these services.

Make money at sites such as Envanto Studio, DesignCrowd or 99designs. Freelancing websites also contain numerous job opportunities for graphic designers.

6) Analyst

Use your knowledge of numbers to mine and analyze data and statistics for businesses. There are always clients on freelancing websites such as Upwork seeking to hire analysts.

You can also get a job with agencies looking for assistants such as Zirtual. Kolabtree is also an excellent site with high-value jobs for the scientist mom.

7) Recruiting Coordinator / Hiring Assistant

Earn an average of $30,000 a year as you help in looking over resumes, performing background checks, and carrying out online assessments as a virtual HR Assistant.

Freelancing websites are excellent sources of freelance employment services in human resource. You can also network with HR professionals on LinkedIn and offer your services.

8) Online Life Coach

Help people improve their lives and overcome challenges by becoming a life coach. Most clients may demand to see a certificate which you can get online after taking a training course.

Advertise your services on social media and through networking, or use your blog.

Administrative Jobs

9) Customer Service

Visit Hilton, AAA, or Great Virtual Works where you can find work at home jobs for moms who can offer customer service. You can earn up to $25,000 per year.

Remote customer service involves assisting customers through telephone, email, and live chat, by answering their queries, resolving issues, and ensuring the customer has a great experience with the brand you are representing.

10) Transcriptionist

Transcription involves changing audio files to text. If you are fast, have a long attention span, can follow the general rules of transcription and work hard, you can make between $7-$21 an hour.

Apart from the various freelancing websites mentioned, you can also get jobs from sites such as Gotranscript and TranscribeMe.

11) Scopist

It involves translating and editing court transcripts into readable material. You need excellent skills in grammar, ability to read steno, and some training on the field.

Payment is made per page and can be between $1 and $1.25 per page. The level of your monthly earnings will depend on your hard work. Get more resources on this field at scopist.com.

12) Translator

Another of the work at home jobs for moms is translating documents. With multiple language skills, you can find jobs at Onehourtranslation, Unbabel, and Tethras.

Your potential income depends on the uniqueness of your language pairs and the complexity of your field of specialization. For instance, translating legal or medical documents pays more.

13) Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, your duties involve administrative tasks that do not require physical presence such as responding to e-mails, making travel arrangements, and scheduling meetings.

Find clients at VAnetworking.com and freelancing portals. You can earn $5 to $50 depending on the industry and skills required.

14) Data Entry Specialist

With accuracy and ability to follow instructions, you can handle data entry tasks. It involves using a keyboard or scanner to input or upload data and transforming messy data into understandable information.

Thousands of data entry jobs can be found at the various freelancing websites mentioned such as Indeed. According to Simply Hired, you can earn $29,000 a year.

15) Proofreader / Editor

Proofreading involves checking grammar and consistency in texts, cross-checking facts, and checking the formatting in text documents.

Apply for jobs at freelancing portals and earn as much as $40,000 a year.

16) Travel Assistant

Assist clients in making arrangements on transport, car rentals, accommodation, and give them advice on customs regulations for various countries. Help them choose, book and plan their trip, and assist them in getting the best air and hotel deals.

Market your services on social media and create a website. You can also apply for jobs at freelancing sites and earn up to $36,000 per year.

17) Search Engine Evaluator

Get hired by Appen, and Lionbridge to evaluate the relevance of search engine results to the specified search terms so that the best results are offered to the user.

You can earn $12 to $15 per hour as you work in your free time. There are no special skills required, just the knowledge of current events, and the ability to make a judgment.

Marketing Jobs

18) Social Media Manager

Post content on company pages on their behalf and respond to inquiries and comments about the company’s products and services. On average, you can earn $15-$25 per hour depending on the size of the account.

There are always people on the various freelancing websites seeking to hire a social media manager, bid aggressively.

19) Affiliate Marketing

Join affiliate programs such as Amazon and get a commission for referring online products and services to your friends. Once registered to the program, they provide you with a link which you can share on your social media or website and get a commission every time someone makes a purchase.

To be successful with affiliate marketing, consider your target market first, what kind of products would your followers want? Also, recommend authentic products that you would personally use.

20) Brand Ambassador

Sell a brand’s products such as skin care products on social media or to your friends and get paid. All you have to do is create awareness of the product and generate sales. For instance, you can make demonstration videos and post them on your Facebook page.

You can find jobs on the brand’s career portal, excellent options for a stay at home mom would be baby and beauty products.

21) Have Your Car Wrapped

Become a marketer using your car. Companies can put decals on your vehicle, and as you drive around carrying out errands, you get to advertise their brand.

They can pay $100 a month. A typical campaign can last three to six months earning you $300 to $600. To start earning, register with sites such as Carvertise.

22) YouTube

Start a YouTube channel and address topics such as motherhood, healthy recipes, and DIYs. Ensure your channel is on a niche you understand well, make it captivating to attract more viewers and increase your chance of earning from advertisers.

You only get earnings when viewers click on ads or watch for 30 seconds. The more viewers you have, the higher the chances that some will click or view an ad.

Writing Jobs

23) Blogging

Start a blog. Write about any topic you are well-versed such as being a mom. Monetize your blog using ads or affiliate marketing.

You can make more than $1,000 a month blogging, but this depends on how frequently you blog, the quality of your content, how well you monetize the blog, and your ability to hold your audience’s attention.

24) Copywriting

Use your persuading skills to create brand awareness and increase a company’s sales volume through written text. It involves creating marketing e-mails and landing pages that result in a high conversion rate.

Create a professional profile that describes and showcases your marketing skills in a few or all of the freelancing portals mentioned, and earn up to $50,000 or more depending on your ability to sell.

25) Freelance Writer

Get paid to write for other clients through sites such as WriterBay, Freelance writing gigs, and Problogger or self-publish on Kindle. You can also use freelancing sites to land clients.

Invest in a good course that can sharpen your skills, create an attractive portfolio by publishing in reputable websites and magazines, and send cold-pitches to high-value clients. You can earn more than $40,000 writing for high-paying clients.

Teaching Jobs

26) Home Daycare

Help other moms take care of their kids and offer pre-school tutoring at a fee. It is also a great way to develop social skills in your child as they interact with different children.

Your rates should depend on the quality of your services, the age group of the children and any extra services you offer.

27) Tutor

Utilize your teaching skills by offering classes at the comfort of your home. Use sites such as TutorMe, BuddySchooltutor.com, Chegg Tutors, and Tutorhub.

It involves offering live one-on-one lessons to students using screen sharing, audio or video chat, and text.

28) Language Teacher

With globalization, comes a need for people to learn multiple languages. Verbling, Italki, Vipkid, and Verbalplanet, are sources of online language teaching work where you are connected with students in need of language tutoring.

You can teach when it is convenient for you. For moms teaching less competitive languages, they can set higher rates.

29) Create Learning Material

Compose and sell learning material for children, revision kits, worksheets, and lessons. You can sell your material at I Love to Teach 101, open a website, or sell on social media and to fellow moms in your neighborhood.

Art Jobs

30) Freelance Interior Designer

Use your creativity to help people with their home décor. Create a website and build an attractive portfolio.

When starting off, you can work on your friends’ homes and relatives for free but use photos of the work to showcase your skills to prospective clients.

31) Hand-made creations

Is creativity in your blood? Make hand-made creative pieces during your free time and sell for profit.

Focus on global markets such as Etsy, but you can also sell locally, through social media, and among your friends.

32) Photography

If you have a knack for photography, use the time you spend outdoors with your children to capture the beautiful moments and make money out of it.

Sell your work at sites such as Foap, Shutterstock, Getty Images, and Alamy.

33) Arts Teacher

Rather than sit on your talent, teach your skills such as drawing, painting, or playing instruments at home at an affordable rate.

Create space in your house such as the garage or basement and turn it into a class. Market your services on social media and through friends.

Selling Jobs

34) Sell on Amazon

You are probably already good at finding the best prices for your household products. Turn this skill into a profitable venture.

Shop for products offering a good deal and sell them on Amazon at a higher price using the Amazon FBA program.

35) Drop Shipping

Make profit by selling third-party products on your business website or list them on eBay. Your work is to take the customer’s order, forward it to your supplier and the supplier takes over the shipping process.

Your profit is the difference between what the supplier charges you and what you charge the customer.

36) Direct Selling   

You can also sell products directly to your friends by hosting parties and showcasing what you have such as my thirty-one gifts and cabi. For every sale you make, you earn a commission.

Image: pexels.com

Other Ventures

37) Do Laundry

Doing laundry at a fee is one of the work at home jobs for moms that requires no special skills. Pick laundry from your neighbors or friends who are too busy and drop them off clean.

Charge per weight and you are sure to always have some money in your purse.

38) Participate in Research Studies 

Sign up with companies such as Respondent, User Interviews, and Vindale Research and participate in research for rewards. All you have to do is answer questions at the comfort of your home in your free time.

39) Take Surveys

Get rewarded for taking surveys, surfing the web, and watching videos with sites such as Swagbucks, Slidejoy, Money App and InboxDollars.

40) Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Spend time outdoors with your kids as you walk other people’s dogs or pet sit and get paid for it. Use sites such as Rover, PetSitter.com, and Fetch Pet Care. You can earn as much as $14 – $18 per hour carrying out the pleasant task.

41) Rent Out Items

Help out traveling mums with your baby gear at a cost by listing what you have to offer on sites such as goBaby and BabyQuip.

Instead of having a car you hardly use parked in the garage, make some money by renting it out using Fluid Track Share.

42) Run Errands

TaskRabbit and Gigwalker are excellent sources of work at home jobs for moms who do not mind doing errands for others at a fee. According to priceonomics, people earn an average of $380 per month on TaskRabbit.

43) Newspaper Carrier

Earn up to $150 and $500 per week delivering newspapers in the morning. With a car, it can only take a few hours.

44) Baker

Start a baking business. You can learn recipes online and experiment with different ingredients. Market on social media and approach other moms in your kids’ school and your neighborhood for orders. You get to make some money, and your kids are sure to enjoy the extra treats.

Image: pexels.com

45) Flower Arranger

Create floral arrangements for sale at the comfort of your home, work in the garage or basement. You can learn through apprenticeship and develop your skills on the job. Get clients on social media and through networking.

46) Online Stylist

If you are into fashion, help other people improve their sense of style by creating a virtual look that matches their body type and taste.

The clients can send their picture to you, and you can create tasteful looks at a price. Advertise your services through social media and create a fashion blog. You can also become a stylist at cabi.

47) Seamstress

Sewing and altering clothes for clients is one of the work at home jobs for moms that is easy and flexible.

Buy the necessary tools for the work and create space in your house, such as the garage or basement. Work on clothes as your children sleep or watch television.

48) Massage Therapist

You can use your home to massage clients whenever convenient. The practice needs a license to avoid legal problems.

There is the risk that advertising your services on social media would attract criminals, networking and referrals are a safer method to acquire clients. With a good client base, you can earn up to $40,000 a year.

49) Beauty Stylist

Use your skills in hairstyling and doing nails to attend to clients at home. Create a space specifically for this and advertise through social media and referrals from friends and family. Do house calls when the kids are in school to earn more.

50) Airbnb Host

Use a spare room to host guests through Airbnb. It is a great way to make money without leaving your house. According to priceonomics, Airbnb hosts pocket an average of $924 a month.

To make the best out of this gig, showcase your home using beautiful pictures, keep your prices reasonable, and of course, be a good host.

There are zillions of work at home jobs for moms who wish to spend more time with their kids. Pick a job that suits your schedule. Advertise your services aggressively and seek work opportunities in various freelancing platforms.

Do your job well to attract positive reviews and land more clients. There is no reason your bank account should not be fat. If you’re not convinced then check this rate list out by Start a Mom Blog

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