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101 Health and Fitness Blogs to Follow in 2019

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Leading a healthy and fit lifestyle is no walk in the park, it requires commitment, hard work, and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

But this does not mean that you should let yourself go. There are hundreds of health and fitness experts out there who can provide you with the right guidance. Most have created blogs making it easy to access the best workout routines, healthy recipes, and fitness tips from the comfort of your home.

Here the top blogs you should follow in 2019.

1) Livestrong Fitness

Livestrong Fitness is your ultimate source of different effective workouts such as at-home workouts for busy moms and a guide to kickboxing workouts. You will also find inspirational stories from fit women celebrities worth looking up to such as J-Lo.

2) Fitbit Blog

Fitbit provides products designed to meet your health and fitness needs while blending seamlessly into your life. Examples are reminders to move or trackers to check progress of your goals such as daily activity, weight loss, sleep time, water intake, and calories consumption.

3) Fitness Mind Body Green

Any topic on health and fitness, you are most likely to find it on Mind Body Green. It covers all areas including your mental and spiritual well being. You will find food advice, yoga routines, advice on outdoor training, and effective workout routines among other topics.

4) PopSugar Fitness

Discover the different recipes to help you live a healthy life, the best workouts for your every fitness need, and advice on achieving your goal of living an active lifestyle.

5) My Fitness Pal Blog

The blog is an excellent resource for anyone determined to live a healthy lifestyle. It is a great source for fitness advice, inspiration, and apps designed to track your meals and physical activity.

6) Runtastic

This is all about running to keep fit, and lose weight. You can get a training plan integrated with a live coach, plus tips and exercises to help you gain flexibility, strength, and coordination. The Runtastic blog is offers tips on excellent health and fitness tools designed to help you achieve your goals.

7) Tara Stiles

Through Strala’s yoga training, you can achieve fitness, feel energized, lose your stress, achieve healing, and be empowered to face all day to day challenges. Get a video from this site and practice at home or with friends.

8) Daily Burn

By simply entering your details, you can get a workout program that includes videos, nutrition plans tailored to your needs, and one-on-one training with a personal coach. There is a mobile app available for personalized yoga and HIIT workouts.

9) Mark’s Daily Apple

The 64-year old Mark Sisson uses his blog to help people live a healthy life. In his blog, there are numerous keto diet recipes, guidance on diet and nutrition, instructions on doing various workouts and advice to achieve fitness in a sustainable way.

10) ACE

This is a library of various body exercises targeting abs, arms, shoulders, butt, back, legs, chest, legs, and full body workout routines. With this website, you have no excuse not to get fit.

11) Breaking Muscle

If you desire a total body transformation involving intense training, gaining strength, and achieving flexibility, Breaking Muscle is what you need. Included are workouts with demonstration videos, and tips to a better diet for you and your family.

12) Healthista

Healthista is a network of bloggers and experts providing information and guidance on various topics among them fitness, weight loss, and healthy nutrition including inspiration from celebrities.

13) Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines, a personal trainer, is dedicated to helping women achieve their optimum level of fitness and develop confidence. You can use her workout programs at home or use the free workouts on her blog.

14) Furthermore from Equinox

The site provides guidance on developing healthy eating habits such as preventing emotional eating, and covers fitness topics such as running and workouts.

15) Blogilates

The founder of Blogilates is Cassey Ho, a fitness instructor known for inventing POP Pilates. Find effective workouts, numerous challenges, healthy recipes, and a personalized workout calendar to help you achieve total body fitness.

16) The Paleo Solution

The blog is all about achieving health and fitness by adopting the paleo diet. Robb Wolf, a former research biochemist, has made available excellent resources such as a 7-day e-mail series to enable you adopt the diet, articles and advice on achieving fitness among others.

17) Tone it up

Founded by two women, Kareena and Katreena, the blog helps women achieve fitness through the Tone It Up App and the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. There is fitness advice as well and delicious healthy recipes.

18) Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels has used her blog to help people achieve their fitness goals. She shares secrets on health and fitness you cannot find elsewhere, motivation to help you achieve total body transformation, and great recipes, not forgetting her App, videos, books, and podcast.

19) Nerd Fitness

This is a self-paced fitness course which helps you make sustainable changes to your life.  It helps you achieve the right mindset to achieve your fitness goals, a guide to the right nutrition based on your needs, and numerous workout routines designed for different goals.

20) The Lean Green Bean

Lindsay, a mom of three will guide you through your quest for fitness, as a qualified dietician, she offers healthy recipes and nutritional information. Included as well, are workouts and valuable tips for new moms.

21) Jen Reviews

The blog provides a variety of exercises that you can do at home or in the gym using equipment or body weight. There are beneficial reviews as well such as the best abs workouts, best exercises for lower back pain, or reasons to try out various exercises.

22) Anytime Fitness Blog

The blog is dedicated to keeping you well informed on issues concerning nutrition, fitness, and health. The posts are designed to motivate you into action, show you how to reach your fitness goals, and inspire you with success stories.

23) Pale OMG

Juli in her own words is “food-obsessed” and the many healthy recipes in her blog are proof. She focuses on the paleo diet and provides weekly workouts for her followers as well.

24) Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender aims at making health and fitness attainable, affordable and approachable. Besides the fitness programs, you can find over five hundred free workouts in their site as well as healthy recipes and before and after pictures that prove their workouts work.

25) Fit Bottomed Girls

The blog is run by two certified fitness professionals and listed by Healthline as among the best healthy living bloggers of 2018 and 2019. Their mission is to let everyone know that they cannot hate themselves healthy, and the workouts, recipes and podcasts on the blog show how.    

26) No Meat Athlete

No Meat Athlete uses a different approach to pursuing health and fitness, which is a plant-based diet. Join the No Meat Athlete active community by participating in a running group near you, try out the vegetarian recipes on the blog, and pay attention to the expert tips on the blog.

27) Get Healthy U

Get healthy U believes that healthy living should not be a torture – and it shouldn’t. They are all about enjoying workouts and looking good without getting obsessed. You can find challenges, workout videos, fitness tips, and healthy recipes among others.  

28) Summer Tomato

The blog is all about living a healthy life by eating right and losing weight without dieting. Darya Rose acknowledges that relying on your willpower to lead a healthy lifestyle is hard so she advocates for eating only the real food you enjoy and finding activities you love.

29) Ben Greenfield Fitness

The articles and podcasts by Ben Greenfield cover topics such as nutrition, low-carb and ketogenic diets, and fitness. In addition, you can access a one-on-one phone or Skype consultation with Ben, a training or nutrition plan design, and a 24/7 Q&A monthly access.

30) Girls Gone Strong

Girls one Strong is sure to turn you into a strong woman. They provide evidence-based nutrition and fitness information. There is plenty of articles such as the importance of strength training for women, workout plans, books, and programs.

31) Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Tina Haupert can help you achieve a holistic personal wellness through this blog. When it comes to fitness, there is information on CrossFit, running marathons, and workouts including those suitable for pregnancy. Her recipes are worth trying.

32) Yoga Dork

With so much going on in the lives of women such as motherhood, yoga provides healing for the soul, relaxes the mind while at the same time providing fitness. Yoga Dork provides information on everything yoga.

33) Peanut Butter Fingers

Peanut Butter Fingers is all about healthy eating and fitness. Besides her recipes you can find workouts that you can do anywhere ranging from 10-minute exercises for busy moms, to full body workouts.

34) The Fitnessista

The Fitnessista is run by a wife and mom certified as a personal trainer and weight loss specialist. It contains healthy recipes, quick but effective workouts, and a 12-week postpartum fitness plan.

35) Muscle for Life

There is something for everyone in the Muscle for Life blog as shown in the success stories including gaining muscle mass and losing weight. There are various tools such as calculators as well as numerous workout guides, podcasts, and articles.

36) Run Eat Repeat

If running is your mode of achieving physical fitness, Run Eat Repeat under Monica, who is a certified health and running coach, is a blog you should follow. Besides documenting her races and travels, she has created training plans and recipes to enable you live healthily.

37) Sonima

Sonima may be the best free resource you can find in yoga practice videos and yoga pose tutorials. In addition, there are workout videos, fitness articles, cooking videos, and recipes.

38) Simply Shredded

The inspirational stories in this website are sure to get you up and doing something about your body. Simply shredded is all about shredding fats and getting muscled up. A 12-week shred guide is available to get you into shape.

39) Fit4Mom

The blog focuses on helping moms become the best version of themselves in body, mind, and spirit at every stage of motherhood, from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.

40) Born Fitness

People have different needs on health and fitness. While some desire to lose weight, others seek to build muscle. A one-size-fits-all strategy cannot work. Adam Bornstein provides a platform to obtain personalized coaching and achieve your unique fitness goal using the best experts.

41) The Fit Indian

The Fit Indian brings simplicity into keeping fit and healthy. It contains a guide to achieving fitness through dancing, yoga, weight training, and exercises. There are also important lessons on maintaining a proper diet including a special segment dedicated to vegetarians.

42) Born Fitness

Born-fitness provides practical and science-based guidance on achieving fitness and eating healthy. You will find informational articles such as the reasons you are not achieving results with your workouts, injury prevention and guidance to picking the right workout programs.

43) Lift Like a Girl

Strong is without a doubt, the new skinny. Nia Shanks will encourage you through her articles and books to ditch the unsustainable diet you are probably on or considering, and instead develop a fitness lifestyle that doesn’t feel like punishment.

44) 12 Minute Athlete

It can get hard to get half an hour to work out in the gym leave alone one hour. 12 Minute Athlete provides HIIT workouts which consist of short effective exercises that you can find in the website or through their app. Available as well are workout programs, recipes, and a book.

45) Johnson Fitness and Wellness

Although their main focus is on selling workout equipment, there is a lot of advice on weight training and weight loss exercises, in particular, cycling.

46) Scooby’s Home Workouts

Gone are the days when bodybuilding was for men only, women are now embracing the need for a strong body and incredible physique. This website is all about getting healthier, feeling great, and looking fabulous through bodybuilding and a nutritional guide to being fit and healthy.

47) Run To the Finish

For the runners or aspiring runners, this blog provides all the nutritional guidance and training that you need to finally finish that marathon or incorporate running into your daily life.

48) Romans Fitness Systems

The Roman Fitness Systems is a reliable source of fitness information such as the best ways to train a female body, issues on intermittent fasting, and free workouts.

49) Fitness on Toast

Faya Nilsson is the founder of Fitness on Toast. The personal trainer blogs about leading an active lifestyle, provides motivation to start training, and has included numerous recipes to keep you healthy.

50) Fitfluential

Founded by Kelly Olexa, Fitfluential is a network of health and fitness lovers who share their stories and passion through social media. You can download a free workout on the blog, listen to a podcast, or watch a live session on Facebook or Instagram.

51) Diabetes Strong

This blog is a little different from the thousand others out there, it focuses on diabetic individuals, guides them into finding suitable workouts and meal plans to lead a healthy lifestyle.

52) Total Gym Pulse

Total Gym is like having a gym in your own living room. The workouts in this site are properly detailed including a warm-up and cool down, and accompanied by a demonstration video. It gets better; the healthy recipes come with demonstration videos as well making it hard to mess up.

53) Love Sweat Fitness

The love sweat fitness plans are designed to help you achieve the body you desire with daily workout plans, healthy meal plans, and an App that contains workouts you can do anytime and anywhere. She has a community of over 750,000 women who she helps lead a healthy lifestyle.

54) Lacey Stone Fitness

The celebrity trainer is determined to inspire people to achieve success in every aspect of their life. Her Comeback Camps and virtual training contain intense workouts, 24/7 support and motivation, as well as nutrition guidance for a total body transformation.

55) Power House Fitness

This is Europe’s top source of home fitness products. The blog is a goldmine of wisdom on achieving fitness and health at home such as staying motivated, using different equipment effectively, spotting fake online trainers, among others.

56) A Workout Routine

Jay, the blog’s founder, uses science-based evidence and real-world experience to help others achieve weight loss, and become strong and healthy by creating their own workouts, workout schedules, and adopting diets that help them achieve their goals.

57) Dai Manuel

Dai Manuel was once an obese teenager who decided to take control over his health and lifestyle. In his blog, you will find free health and fitness resources, health and fitness tips for the elderly, parents, and women, as well as tips on strength-building among others.

58) Fitneass

Every article on the fitneass blog is geared towards helping you achieve fitness and live a healthy life. It extensively covers various diets, recipes, workouts, weight loss, infographics, and inspiration stories.

59) Natalie Jill Fitness

The over 45 fat loss expert is proof that it’s never too late to turn your life around. Through her programs, e-books, podcasts and her inspirational story, you are sure to focus more on changing your body and life.

60) Hungry Runner Girl

Janae, the voice behind the blog is a running enthusiast. She maintains an active lifestyle by running in spite of being a mother of three. She shares her race recaps, workouts, and recipes

61) Strumptuous

The blog is all about empowerment, building strength and pushing your body to be the best it can be. You will find work out ideas, guidance on training, and inspiration to keep you working towards your fitness goals.

62) Dan John

In this blog by Dan John, a lifting and throwing coach as well as author, you are sure to find articles on various exercises such as Tabata, squats, training for the middle-aged and older people, and building strength.

63) Youniverse

Included are different ways to make treats and not gain calories, different recipes of healthy food, a guide to achieving your fitness goals in thirty days, success stories, and advice to staying healthy during holidays, among others.

64) Sarah Fit

Sarah uses her blog to help women feel more confident about their body through fitness and a healthy diet without losing their social life. Included are prenatal workout videos for each trimester, fitness videos for everyone, and healthy recipes.

65) Preppy Runner

Running is one of the best ways to lose weight; marathons in particular are fun and make it possible to interact with other runners. Theodora, the founder of Preppy Runner, can coach you through running marathons and help you adopt an active lifestyle.

66) A Health Blog

Another blog for the yoga lovers, it contains clear pictorial guidance for different yoga poses and reasons you should try them out, as well as various nutritional topics.

67) VIDA Fitness

With VIDA Fitness, you can get personalized training for 30 to 55-minute sessions with the best in the field, but  if it’s out of your budget, you can always use their workout of the week. Nutritional counseling services are also available from qualified dieticians.

68) A Merry Life

A Merry Life is about achieving an all-around fitness in health and wealth. Penny shares fitness tips, tricks, and recipes that enable her lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

69) HealthifyMe

This is an Indian fitness blog with various topics on weight loss, yoga, and health information on various food groups. There are inspiration stories as well as a Calorie Tracker which makes it possible to track your diet, workouts and weight using your smartphone or computer.

70) Unapologetically Strong

A certified kettlebell instructor and club coach, Jen Sinkler, the blog’s founder, has created a library of over five hundred exercises with clear instructions and photographic demonstrations. You can also get a program suitable to your fitness goals.

71) Lipstick Lettuce & Lycra

The blog is all about loving who you are and becoming who you desire to be. Gemma, the founder of the blog, maintains an active lifestyle by running, she shares her running experiences in the blog and gives guidance on preparing for marathons and maintaining fitness.

72) Roni’s Weigh

These are the journals of one Roni Noone, a mother of two boys trying to live a fit life and eat healthy food. Most moms can relate to her lifestyle and get inspiration to begin their own fitness journey.

73) Meals and Miles

Meghann, a marathon runner and mother began the blog to encourage others to adopt an active lifestyle in spite of being busy with an 8-hour job. Having been overweight and later managing to lose the weight, she knows how to achieve the perfect balance and shares it in the blog.

74) The Runner Beans

The blog is a source of inspiration for those who desire to run for fitness. Charlie, who is not a natural runner, has pushed herself into completing marathons and shares her running experiences as well as fitness journey and active lifestyle.

75) A Foodie Stays Fit

The blog by Teri is all about staying fit and active through marathons and regular exercises. With Teri being a lover of food, the blog would be incomplete without some creative healthy recipes.

76) Tabata Timer

The blog is all about the quick and effective Tabata training. There is a timer on the website and guidance on a variety of exercises you can try on Tabata. An app is also available for download on Google Play or App Store.

77) Healthworks Fitness

Healthworks Fitness is dedicated to helping women achieve fitness. Besides the various nutritional tips and free workout downloads, you can use their fitness programs to lose weight and build strength.

78) Koko Fit Club

The Koko Fit club blog is an excellent source for tips, nutritional advice, and success stories from people who have transformed their lives that are bound to challenge you.

79) Daily Cup of Yoga

Despite what your workout preference is, whether running or lifting, you should add yoga to your fitness schedule. This blog explains its benefits and highlights different yoga techniques you can practice at home.

80) Travel Strong

The focus of Travel Strong is bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere, literally. It contains numerous exercises you can practice to build muscle with no need of weights. It also addresses issues on nutrition and debunks some of the weird diet beliefs out there.

81) Tina Reale

Tina achieved wholeness and joy in life when she started practicing yoga, it helped her beat depression and eating disorders. She uses her blog to help others achieve the same freedom and live to their fullest potential through free online yoga videos and work out plans.

82) Runs for Cookies

What better way to get inspiration on losing weight and keeping fit if not from a woman who lost 125 pounds? Her posts cover what most women face such as emotional eating. Katie offers inspiration, tips on achieving fitness through running, and healthy recipes.

83) Complete Running

This is a network of bloggers who run. You are sure to find an answer to nearly every question you have on learning to run, tools for runners, preparing for marathons, and staying fit as a runner. There is a section specifically for women.

84) Fit Athletic

The fit athletic blog can provide you with the guidance you need to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. It includes nutritional guides, avoiding workout injuries, staying fit during holidays, working out with your dog, and the list goes on.

85) The Healthy Apron

You guessed it right; the Healthy Apron is your ultimate source of healthy delicious recipes and meal plans. In addition, there are beneficial topics on fitness, weight loss, and proper nutrition too.

86) Carly Rowena

The articles on this blogs are on health and fitness issues any mom can relate to such as working out on a busy schedule, achieving pregnancy fitness, pregnancy-friendly healthy meals, and postpartum workouts.

87) Carmy

As a lover of food, it can be hard to keep up with a healthy diet. Carmy, a foodie herself, shares numerous healthy recipes and snacks that guarantee you never get bored with healthy eating. She is a fitness enthusiast as well who maintains an active lifestyle through running.

88) Workout Mommy

A single mom of four boys, Lisa has dedicated her blog to helping moms achieve health and fitness despite their busy schedules. Included are interviews of fit moms that are bound to challenge and inspire you.

89) Chuze Fitness Blog

In the Chuze Fitness blog, you will find information on home workouts using bodyweight, importance of exercise for the elderly, aqua fitness, and boxing not forgetting nutritional advice.

90) Comeback Momma

Having overcome postpartum depression twice, anxiety as well as depression, Jenn is just about the best inspiration for any woman, wife, and mother. In this site, you will find easy and quick workouts and valuable tips to losing weight and eating healthy.

91) Food for Fitness

The blog provides factual, easy-to-understand information on nutrition, exercise, losing weight, as well as guidance on supplementation to help you in your pursuit of fitness.

92) Weight Crafters

This is a fitness camp specializing in providing extreme weight loss solutions to adults. In the blog, you will find health and fitness articles such as advice on work out strategies that work, yummy recipes and motivation tips.

93) Musclehack

If you want to replace those flabby arms and belly pooch with some nice lean muscles, Musclehack is what you need. The blog is not just for bodybuilders, but anyone who desires a toned body including new moms who need to get their abs back.

94) Ali on the Run

The blog is focused on running. Despite suffering from Crohn’s disease, Ali, a mother of one, has continued to lead an active lifestyle and encourages many through her articles and podcasts which are available in the blog.

95) Suzanne Bowen Fitness

Here you will find online workout plans that match your needs, prenatal workout videos, healthy food recipes, seasonal challenges, and a members-only Facebook community where you can get encouragement and interact with others on the same journey as you.

96) Knocked-up Fitness

Erica Ziel has created a plan focusing on pregnant moms, those planning to get pregnant, and recovery after pregnancy. It helps you strengthen your core and have a smooth delivery and recovery. Knocked-up fitness enables women to feel fabulous at every stage of their life.

97) Cranky Fitness

Crabby McSlacker, the brains behind Cranky Fitness uses a fun and down-to-earth approach to fitness. No post in the blog is sugar-coated. Her various topics on fitness and nutrition tell it as it is – leading a healthy lifestyle requires effort.

98) Powercakes

Kasey Brown, a certified personal trainer with a love for cooking is on a mission to help women love their body through fitness. You will find workout routines freely available in her blog posts and numerous healthy recipes. You could also buy one of her full body programs.

99) Be Military Fit

This is a military-style boot camp designed to help members achieve fitness the “hardcore” way. In the blog, you can find a guide on home workouts such as HIIT, rules for weight loss, perfecting your running technique among others.

100) Garmin Blog

The Garmin Blog is your ultimate source of information on nearly any topic concerning health and fitness ranging from running to cycling among many others. In addition, there are recommendations to the best tools you can use to achieve your goals smoothly.

101) Greatist

This is a community of writers and experts who try their best to deliver research-backed content on health and fitness as well as home workout videos to keep you in shape.

Bonus! Here are two more websites by medical experts that you should follow:

Dr. Axe

The website by Dr. Josh Axe covers topics such as nutrition, fitness, and healthy recipes to help you live a healthy lifestyle. You can find various workouts with clear instructions, detailed information on working different body parts, as well as articles on yoga and running.

Dr. Mercola

The website offers a fitness plan that grows with you from an introduction package, beginner, intermediate and finally an advanced level. There are various fitness videos and articles in addition to healthy recipes.

In Conclusion

Whether you are into running, yoga, strength training, or are yet to figure it out, these blogs will offer the best guidance to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Always make changes you can sustain, forget fad diets and instead, focus on clean eating. It’s about time you made changes to your lifestyle, with the right inspiration, you can do it.

Which one of the above do you follow? Have I missed any great fitness blog? Let me know in the comment below!

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