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How To Get Motivation To Workout After Having A Baby

Are you a new mom who’s having a hard time finding the motivation to workout after having a baby

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Here we’ll talk about how to get motivation for your workout plan after having a baby. We’ll also talk about the major hurdles standing in your way from starting over with your workout routine. 

So, let’s get started.

Why Do Moms Lose Motivation To Exercise?

  • Not Having Enough Time 

The first and the main reason is not having enough time. 

The newborn baby needs the attention of their mom 24/7. Neither can you go to the gym with the baby, nor can you leave them at home. 

So, what you do is that you take the easy way out and decide not to workout.

  • Worried About Not Exercising Safely 

After you went through the delivery procedure, what makes you fret the most is, if it’s safe to exercise. 

A lot of such thoughts hit your mind. You don’t want to worsen your abdominal separation.

  • Childcare 

         You love your baby to death. 

No one else can take care of your baby like you do. You’d never want your baby to be unattended. 

So, unless your partner is at home taking care of the newborn, it’s almost impossible for you to workout.

  • Not An Exercise Freak Or Accountable To Anyone

If you weren’t fond of exercising before, the situation would get worse after the baby. Especially if you have no one to overlook your workout plan. 

There are less chances that you’ll start working out.

  • Not Getting Instant Results

You lack the motivation to workout because you think you tried but didn’t feel any change. 

It’s because you forget that,“Slow and steady wins the race.”

Now, let’s get to the point where we’ll make a list of all the motivations you must keep in your mind when starting with a workout plan.

Motivation To Workout After Having A Baby

pregnant mom standing next to cot

You, being a new mom, can motivate yourself to start over with a workout plan with over a 100 ways.

Alas, we can only mention some of them. 

We’ll make sure that we list the most important ones. Let’s dive into it.

  • Buy And Put On Your Workout Clothes 

We all wear clothes we’re comfortable in. So, the first thing you should do is buy fitness clothes for yourself. Make it a habit to wear fitness gear at home. 

You might think, why is that so? It’ll help you start as soon as you get the motivation or burst of energy.

  • Talking To A Friend 

It helps get motivation, especially if that friend is also a mom and works out. She can help you decide what exercises new new moms should try, which are safe for you, and won’t worsen your condition. 

We know that going to the gym on a regular basis won’t be possible, so a friend with a helping hand would do wonders for a new mom.

  • Eliminating the Negative Vibes 

There would be so much pressure on you like social pressure, family pressure, etc. after having a baby that exercise seems to be of secondary importance. 

For this reason, we suggest you start working out as soon as you think you’re ready for the challenge, without thinking about whatever people say.

  • Try a New Fitness Routine

After becoming a mom, it won’t be possible for you to carry on the same workout routine, as you have just delivered a baby. So, we suggest you should try something new. It can be anything like running with your baby, walking, tai-chi, yoga for beginners, online videos, and so on. 

Burning calories should be your goal.

  • Any Exercise Means No Exercise 

Heard of “Something is better than nothing?” 

Yes, that’s right. 

If you can’t take out time, you can try something while carrying your baby. 

This can be done by strapping your baby to your chest and vacuum, or you can also follow any fitness expert to start a workout routine at home.

You don’t even have to commit yourself to a long regime and complex routine. A few minutes to meditate is also a good start as long as you start.

  • Mark It On Your Calendar 

This practice helps you stick to the workout routine. Mark a date to start and stick to it. It’ll just wipe out all the excuses. This practice will help you get punctual and stick to your workout routine. 

  • Find Some Support

A coach plays a vital role in the success of a team. He backs up the players and offers immense support. 

The same is the case with weight loss exercises at home. You should find someone to motivate you to workout. 

It can be your husband, best friend, cousin, fitness trainer, etc. Someone should be there to boost up your morale whenever you feel low. 

In the end

If you feel low or are reluctant to exercise after having a baby, just go through these points, and we hope you will get the burst of motivation you need to workout. 

So, what’re you waiting for? Mark your calendar, put on your fitness gear, and start exercising! 

Buck up! You got this, Mama.

I hope this will help you start with your workout plan.

Which tip do you like the most? Please comment below now.

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