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20 Fitness Mom Blogs to Charge You Up

Being a mom does not mean you have to put yourself last. Your priorities may change, you may party less or have more mom-friends than your usual care-free buddies, but self-care should always stay in the picture. 

A large part of self-care is fitness. Besides losing the baby weight, working out gives you the energy to carry out your mom chores and prevents burnout. 

To get inspiration we have curated a list of fitness mom blogs for you. Learn how these fit moms are able to incorporate workout time in their busy schedules. Try the different workout routines and if you can, join the programs available to work with other moms. 

1) Happy Healthy Mama

Maryea, the author of the blog, has made a commitment to feeding herself and her family healthy and nutritious real food. Her strong physique is stunning for a mother of two thanks to strength training and leading an active lifestyle. Maryea is a great source of inspiration for any mom out there desiring to achieve fitness. Her blog contains healthy recipes and fitness tips that are worth your attention.

2) Fitnessista

Gina uses the blog to share her adventures as a wife and mom of two girls trying to live a healthy lifestyle. She gives her expert advice on postpartum fitness and offers a 12-week comprehensive postpartum fitness plan. You can also find workout videos and nutrition advice for each pregnancy trimester, Fit Guide Workouts based on your needs, and healthy recipes for the whole family.

3) Fit4Mom

Fit4mom is all about fitness for moms. It provides all kinds of guidance on keeping fit at any stage of motherhood, debunks myths on matters relating to moms and working out, provides free workout routines, and tackles issues such as maternal mental health. There are various workout programs you can join as well as empowerment podcasts to keep you strong.

4) Diary of a Fit Mom

Diary of a Fit Mom is created and run by Sia Cooper who was formerly overweight, but is now a fit mother of two. Sia is serious about fitness, and her fit athletic body proves it. In her blog, you can find postpartum workouts such as a 28-day diastasis recti challenge, exercises to lose the mummy tummy, pregnancy workouts and a few guides you can purchase.

5) Be Fit Mom

The blog created by Helene Byrne is dedicated to enabling moms to remain fit and healthy during their prenatal and postnatal stages of life. It also empowers them to be capable of helping their families achieve health and wellness. The site offers solutions to most problems pregnant women face, a guide to exercising and recovering after birth, advise on proper nutrition, and provides various workout packages.

6) Workout Mommy

As a single mom of four boys, Lisa has firsthand experience on how busy a mom’s life can be. She uses the blog to inspire and help other moms integrate fitness to their daily schedule. Lisa has featured other fit moms through a segment in the blog called “One Fit Mommy.” She offers guidance on creating a home gym, offers some free workouts, and nutritional advice among others.

7) Happy Fit Mama

If handling one baby has you running around doing errands and screaming “don’t touch that,” picture having two. Angela, the voice behind Happy Fit Mama, is a mom of twins who gained forty pounds during her pregnancy. She lost it relatively quickly after delivery and continues to maintain an active lifestyle, mostly running, despite her busy schedule. She shares her favorite workouts and recipes to help other moms stay in shape.

8)Mom in Balance

In addition to losing weight and keeping fit, working out helps moms clear their heads, reduce stress, and adopt a positive mindset. This is the mission of Mom in Balance – to help women achieve balance in life through outdoor workouts and enable them to live their best lives. Find a Mom in Balance workout group in a park near you. 

9) Fit Fab Fun Mum

For a woman in her forties with two children, Jane is quite the fun and fabulous mom. She is proof that you don’t have to be in your twenties and single to look good; there is no excuse for letting yourself go. In the blog, you can find a guide to creating a HIIT workout, a travelling workout plan, and her daily workout log. 

10) Stay Fit Mom

Stay Fit Mom is a blog by two moms who have had a struggle with weight and body image. They overcame it and now help other busy moms work on their body image. They coach on macro counting, offer free home workouts suitable for busy moms, and yummy healthy recipes.

11) Knocked-Up Fitness

Erica Ziel, a fit mother of three, is the brains behind Knocked-Up Fitness and Core Athletica, both focusing on helping moms achieve fitness before, during, and after pregnancy. She is an expert at helping moms strengthen their deep core muscles which makes pregnancy, delivery, and recovery easier. Her blog offers free pre and post-pregnancy workout routines, tips, and nutritional advice as well as programs and workout DVDs.

12) Confessions of a Mother Runner

Deborah is a vegetarian, mom of two teens and a running and fitness enthusiast. She encourages moms to maintain an active lifestyle through running. She also founded Moms Run This Town. Besides the many healthy recipes, Deborah shares workout routines suitable for moms, and writes on important topics such as a guide to building a home gym –which every mom needs. 

13) Moms into Fitness

Lindsay Brin is committed to helping moms who have lost themselves in motherhood find their way back to honoring their bodies and being confident through fitness and proper nutrition. Lindsay is a pre and postnatal expert, and a mom of three. You can be sure her workouts, recipes, and advice is based on real experience and years of research. 

14) Strollercize

Strollercize is for all the moms out there who desire to achieve fitness. The workout program is created by Elizabeth Trindade, a mother to three kids, who desires to see other moms become strong, flexible and proud of who they are. You can join an online workout club which will enable you to achieve fitness at home in a safe, effective and fun way.   


FITMOM focuses on helping moms achieve health and wellness in their childbearing years. It provides workout programs that you can practice with your child, yoga to do while pregnant or HIIT workouts with professional guidance through Skype. Andrea Page, the founder of FITMOM, is a mom to three boys and inspires women to prioritize self-care. You can find additional programs and helpful articles at FITMOM Ottawa.

16) Fit Mom Go

Fit Mom Go aims at inspiring busy moms to build a lifestyle of fitness by incorporating quick and effective workouts to their busy day. The blog’s certified personal trainer is Erin Kendall, a mom of two toddlers who offers fitness support through workout videos, challenges, and a membership program.  

17) Busy Mom Gets Fit

Valerie Solomon is a busy mom of four boys. She is also a fitness coach who seeks to empower women and help them live a lifestyle of fitness without feeling guilty about taking some me-time. Her Busy Mom Gets Fit Plans are designed to help you build muscle, gain strength, and lose the mummy pooch. Her blog is filled with various plans to keep you motivated.

18) FitMom

The blog is owned by Ashleigh Lovino, a mom of two boys and a girl, who trains from her home in Cape Town. She specializes in helping moms keep fit during pregnancy, lose the baby weight, gain their strength back after birth, and acquire a positive mindset. You can take a one-on-one personal training session, a group training session or nutritional advice and meal plans. 

19) Fit Mom Project

These are postpartum body transformation classes designed to help moms lose the postpartum belly through the right nutrition and exercise. By joining the Fit Mom Project, you will build a stronger body and lose the back and shoulder pains most moms complain about. You will also achieve a positive mindset, and be part of a community of moms with similar goals as you.

20) Darebee Workouts

The fit mom workouts by Darebee are the perfect solution to any mom who desires to achieve fitness on a tight budget. There are free workouts on the site with pictorial demonstrations that you can do at the comfort of your home, and at any time using your baby’s weight for added resistance. You can also find fitness articles, nutritional advice, and healthy recipes in the website.

Whether you are an expecting mom, new mom, or experienced mom, follow these blogs. Take the fitness and nutritional advice provided, and you are sure to love the body transformation and new energy you are about to have. 

As much as you are a mom now, you are still a beautiful woman, and you should not let yourself go.

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