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6 Places to Run with Your Baby and Friends

During pregnancy, the body undergoes various changes in the musculoskeletal system and even the strongest abdomens become frail. Post pregnancy, the aim is to increase the core stability and ensure effective functioning of the body. 

Since proper exercise requires a trainer and equipment, most of us delay the plan. The easiest form of exercise is running, which neither requires equipment nor a gym membership. 

Ready to lose some belly fat while running?

Where to go and run?

With a baby and a huge bag alongside, you can’t just run across your street. Below are 6 child-friendly places you should keep a lookout for and plan to run with your mom friends.

Lace up your running shoes and don’t forget to pack a water bottle, baby food and your GPS device!

Jogging Tracks

Jogging tracks are an excellent choice for running since they are never deserted. They can be found everywhere from public parks and clubs to hospitals. 

You could always run into a friend or a neighbor at a jogging track who can give you company or take care of your baby while you keep busy burning fat. The tracks located in parks and clubs usually have cafeterias nearby, filling the air with the aroma of scrumptious snacks. So if you’re up for a post-run coffee and sandwich (you’ve earned it), this is your place!

Jogging tracks are extremely stroller-friendly. No wonder they’re hotspots for moms and babies! With so much activity going around, we’re sure your baby will keep himself busy. 

Riverfront Trails

Riverfronts are generally extremely developed and well-maintained areas for jogging, exercising, cycling and so on. Every time you feel low, head towards the riverfront for a cool breeze and the relaxing sound of water. 

Regularly exposing your baby to sights and sounds of nature can be very beneficial for their intellectual development. So, what’s better than getting in exercise while your baby learns some new sounds?

Most riverfronts now have water sports activities that you can enjoy with your other mom friends. And if you feel like it, riverfronts can also make a perfect place to enjoy a picnic post-workout! 


While Riverfronts restrict you from getting close to the water, shorelines let you have the water waves blessing your feet. Being a mom isn’t easy. A run by the shoreline will serve as a soothing therapy while also getting in an effective workout. 

Take along some friends and enjoy the stunning view. We recommend going at dawn or dusk time because shoreline sunrise and sunsets are a treat of their own!

Your little one(s) can play in the sand while you get a much-needed breath of fresh air. Remember to bring a change of clothes!

Hiking Trails

If you’re more of a mountain person, you can grab your hiking shoes and a picnic basket for a walk along the hills. 

Imagine the upper body workout you can get in when pushing the weight of a stroller uphill. It will keep your heart rate up and tone the muscles in your back, shoulder, and arms. 

While there’s nothing better than a nature run with a bumpy and entertaining ride for your baby, try picking a beginner hiking track with a gentle incline. You don’t want to exert yourself too much in the postpartum days. 


If you’re a fan of still water that is accessible to dip your feet in, a lakeside is perfect for you! You can take a quiet run across the lakeside and relax your feet in water when you feel you’ve run too much.

Lakesides and waterfronts will provide you with a gentle trail and a glorious view. While you and your friends have a chat and break a sweat, your baby will stay busy checking out the birds, sky, or the lake. 

Plateau Trails

Another place to run with your baby and friends is a plateau trail. Plateau trails can be of many different types – some offer green and tall trees surrounding the entire pathway, while others are paved between barren lands. 

If you’re a nature’s lover and want to explore around, a plateau is an excellent choice. The land is flat with only a few ups and downs so you won’t have to worry about climbing up a height with the huge weight of a stroller (and a baby).

How to start running?

Now that you’ve chosen a place to go and run, how would you actually start running? Do you think it would be as easy as simply wearing your sports outfit and getting on to a running track? Well, it is, but here are a few precautionary measures you should take:

Visit a pelvic floor specialist

Sometimes, as a layman, you would not know if your body is ready to run soon after pregnancy. A specialist can assess your healing process and recommend the correct time to begin running and working out.

Strengthen your core, hips and pelvic floor

Always start with baby steps. Begin with light exercises that will help you strengthen your core and teach you breathing mechanics. You don’t want to collapse or lose stamina within the first five minutes of jogging. So, practice effective breathing before you dive in to exercise to prevent you from potential injuries.

Walk before running

Don’t ever rush directly into running. Your postpartum body is still recovering and needs time to return back to its normal state. Walk for a few days or even weeks on flat surfaces. Gradually move on to uneven surfaces and when you think you’ve covered that milestone, only then start running on even surfaces.

Don’t set timings as goals

Understand that your body is no longer the same as before. Do not expect your body to run for 45 minutes straight like before. Your goal should be to practice better than the previous day, and not a certain time span.

Stop for breaks

Your pelvic floor needs time to rest and heal between continuous periods of running and exercise. Without proper rest to build the muscles, they would grow weaker and strained, leaving you in more pain than you began with!

Bringing your body back into shape after childbirth isn’t a cakewalk. You’ll experience sharp pains in the weirdest places, get super thirsty, and even leak in the middle of a run! 

But don’t lose hope. All you need is a few months of consistent exercise to lose pregnancy fat and you’ll look smarter than ever. So, bring out your baby’s stroller, buckle up, and get moving today!

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