Top Fashion Styles for Busy Moms Running the Day

Juggling between work and home can be quite stressful, especially for women who have recently reached motherhood. Your child is not eating their food and you have to look office ready, and that carries the worry of how to decide what to wear on a particular day or for a particular event. So do you just put something on and head to office? You can’t risk that. There could be an emergency meeting, some hotshot CEO of another company might be present, and you arrive looking a little disheveled; that is going to create a bad impression for you and your company. Or it could also be the opposite, you have guests arriving for dinner at your home and old house gowns do not look welcoming, I tell you.

So an end can be put to some of your worries about what to and/or not to wear, just follow these top ten styles for a trendy yet comfortable look for your home, office or even parties.

For Monday Blues

Ah! The day of the week we all dread. Mondays can be pretty exhausting as the workload is hectic. There is some work leftover from Friday maybe, new assignments flooding in. It gets pretty busy. So to start off the week, you should have something light on you so as to compensate for the heavy workload.

girl in jeans and cotton shirt 2


You can put on some light foundation, a little liner to enhance your eyes and some nude shade of lipstick. Mondays are not when meetings are generally held, so you can thus avoid the darker shades. You can match it up with a denim (albeit a little stretchy) pair of jeans to help you run around the office if need be. You should preferably wear darker colors because you can top it (see what I did there?) with a plain cotton shirt – color being light blue or light green.The shirt should have three quartered sleeves or full, you can roll them up a bit; that will help you carry important paperwork and make you look slightly striking as the woman who knows exactly what she is dealing with.

You can wear flats or a decorated pair of sandals that will jazz up your entire outfit. Try not to wear heels as you do not want all that foot pain on top of the work you have to finish doing. For winters, you can wear a muddy brown leather jacket or simply a dark colored (not in hues of orange or red though) shrug to compliment the color of your shirt. Overall this should make you look fully office ready as well give you comfort.

For Presentations in the Office 

For such a day of which you will be notified earlier choose an appropriate hairdo, a high ponytail looks sleek and professional. Softer eye make-up should be done, thinner eye liners will do just fine. Lipstick, however should be a little bold, like red – not vermilion red, something crimson. This will make your lips stand out and catch the attention of the viewers (during the presentation).

women wearting stylish clothes for office presentation


For the dressing, a white half sleeved shirt with a peach pleated skirt will make you look classy, especially if you are an intern. However you can substitute the pleated skirt for a pencil skirt too, to look more at style in a corporate retreat or meeting. Lighter shades are preferred but in the latter case chequered short shirts, with longer sleeves makes you look real sophisticated and professional. Of course the go to footwear for both these style options are stiletto heels. They make you look bolder and trendy with the overall recommended look.

In case, you want to accessorize opt for studs and a chain with a small pendant. Avoid wearing anything on the hand, except a watch. Leather strapped watches with average sized dials look the best with this outfit.

For Taking Kids to the Park or Sports Academy

Spending time with your kids is one of the most important things as a mother. You need to see how much your child has grown up while they basks in your encouraging presence whether at the park or at the sports league meet. You might meet some mothers there too.

So, start out by putting on a knee-length light yellow or blue dress. Not printed ones though, plain with slight frills look trendy and chic. You can use a black belt, it tightens the dress by just the right amount for a smart yet casual look. Considering your hair, no need for complicated braids; you can half-fishtail braid it to avoid all those strands coming on to your face. Moreover it makes you look elegant and chic.

mom in blue dress


For makeup, avoid anything bold. Put generous foundation and/or a nine-to-five beauty benefit cream and you are done. Eyeliner is optional. For winters you can don a navy blue blazer jacket over this dress. Black ankle boots will look really sexy with the recommended outfit, but you can also choose light blue or matching colored flats to wear. Do remember to accessorize. Small hooped earrings rock the elegant look along with a thin bracelet on the wrist.

For Dinner Dates

Spending time with your husband is equally important. Since it is a dinner date, opt for something lighter. Slightly dark colored jeans for the lowers. You can combine it with a tee-shirt having abstract details or patterns. You can wear a black cotton shirt on top of it (if you are choosing for something more casual) or you can go out wearing a monochromatic teal dress. It is a simple yet chic look.

dinner date dress style


You can put on a long silver chain with a conspicuous pendant, wooden bangles will look good with the dress. Hair should be preferably made into a French braid for both the recommended outfits. For such dates (you can opt for lesser make-up – A beauty benefit cream and a hint of nude shade of lipstick should complement your get-up. A sleek eyeliner will look sexy as well.

For Office Parties

Office parties are where you have to look your absolute best. You will be meeting some high-profile people so you yourself need to look a little influential. One of the best clothes for you to wear would be a long ankle length dress – maxi with netted sleeves or a one with embroidery work throughout the torso of the dress. If you are going for the former, choose dark monochromatic colors like navy blue, dark brown and maroon. However for the latter, choose a lighter shade like off-white.

women wearing party dress and masks


Again like you choose your dresses you should choose your accessories accordingly. For the monochromatic one, pick a long necklace – a little beaded and preferably silver in color. For the embroidered one, you can choose a black netted choker – not too wide though. For a hairdo, waterfall braids look quite beautiful with maxi dresses, especially side ones.

If you are having trouble choosing a footwear, let me tell you that avoiding heels is the key. Wedges or nothing else – you can totally trip and fall if you are not careful enough. On the other hand, flats and sandals are totally the deal with maxis. You can choose sandals with a toe separation or nude shaded flats. 

For Weekend Home Wear

Even if you’re at your home, playing with your kid or cooking for hubby his favorite meal, your neighbors may decide to drop in to say hi. You have to look a little welcoming on such an occasion but how to do that in style? Striped spaghetti tops with dark color cotton trousers or palazzo. This is the ultimate easy breezy, look sexy combination. Sleeveless or spaghetti tops are really comfortable and they make you look cute too. You can tuck the helm of these tops right under the dark monochromatic trousers. This outfit gracefully accentuates your figure.

For home, you need no makeup but a high bun looks really sexy. Bright color sandals bring out the quirky in you and makes you look cute and friendly. Simple accessories like thin gold bangles will also look great with this attire.

For Your (or your friend’s) Child’s Birthday Party

Either at your residence or someone else’s – you need to look right on the deal for them. Imagine, you need to attend to your child’s demands or listen to how he likes his birthday and you also have to entertain the guests. So choose something that allows mobility and makes you look good too. Short dresses or short tops with ankle length skirts can make you look real classy for such events. A short dress can be black in color, it would make you look more gorgeous if it was an off-shoulder dress or a one with slimmer sleeves. It would reveal your collar bones, and make you look quite sexy. You can accessorize with a plain black choker or a short necklace. Pair it up with ankle boots. For the hairdo, it would be preferable to let your hair loose for both the looks.

woman wearing short black dress


Grey skirts would look amazing with a sleeveless ultramarine blue top tucked under it. Wear studs and long necklaces with this second attire. Give a finishing touch with platform heels. For makeup in the previous one you can go for a bolder makeup – maroon lipstick with a sleek eyeliner. For your face, contour your cheekbones a little and highlight around that area as well. Light brown lipstick is preferred.

For Family Get Together

Some national holiday and you don’t want to mess up this chance to spend some time with just your family or extended family. This is the day you go out on a lunch or to have a picnic in the nearby park or maybe a short one day trip to a small tourist town. You need the kind of attire that makes you feel relaxed yet fashionable at the same time. So go for long-sleeved tee shirts that are either striped or chequered. Choose the ones that are a little longer too.

mom in picnic attire


Accompanying this you can wear faded blue jeans or black leggings. No need for makeup, except a little foundation (with a little sunblock mixed with it). Hair can be plainly braided or held up in a ponytail. Lastly knee-length boots would give your whole appearance a trendy look. This attire would make you look really cute and sexy at the same time and allow you freedom of movement to play with your kids and/or run around with them.

For Business Dinners

For such meetings you can choose to look stylish yet ready to talk business as well. We suggest you to wear black suit with pants or a pencil skirt. Your suit can be pin striped, giving you a professional look. However you can wear black ankle boots or even stool heels for this meeting. They make you walk erect and make you look sophisticated. Avoid the hair to be loose, pin it up properly with a normal bun. Enhance your look with a pair of studs, and a chain watch on your wrist. Apply a little beauty benefit cream and a light shade of lipstick. This will make you look crisp with professional efficiency and give your appearance elegance.

It’s not always possible to maintain strict standards of fashion in everyday wear because mom life gets quite busy and tedious. However if you start by picking out outfits, shoes etc. a day before you have to go to work – the next day would not be so cumbersome to choose what to wear. Hence this guide is for you so that you are ready to jump into the fray of workload, but with style and elegance.

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