How to Lose Weight Effortlessly for Busy Mothers

When it comes to losing weight for new moms, they are likely to have no patience. If you are thinking about getting back into the game, then a strategically planned diet along with proper exercise can help you lose weight faster. Sometimes, crash diets will help you lose weight rapidly but that might also result in rapid regain. If you are on a strict diet for a week, you are likely to gain weight faster. So, here we have compiled a list of tips that will not only help you lose weight but also to do it in a smart and effective way.

So, go set your weight goals and read up on these tips.

1) Sleep for at least for 6 to 8 hours

A recent study has revealed that people who have 8 hours of sleep lose weight faster than the ones who sleep for only 5.5 hours. And both of these parties were following the same diet and training routines. A good night’s sleep will keep your hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin, in check. So, you won’t have cravings for food once you wake up in the morning. And sleeping more will cut down your calorie intake because, on an average, a person who sleeps less is likely to consume around 385 extra calories in a day. Apparently, when you skip sleep,  your drowsy brain wakes up and functions properly only when you are having sugary or fatty treats.

So skipping sleep will literally make you have more calories.

2) Take Deep Breaths

A stressful environment can turn all your weight-loss efforts futile. Being a mom, you are likely to be in constant stress. Stress induces a rise in cortisol levels in your body, and this makes your body store fat. That might be helpful in general but it breaks your pattern if you are willing to lose weight. In case you are in any unavoidable situation which is inducing stress, then try to inhale and exhale periodically. This exercise will help you to relax and calm your mind. So, inhale for about five to six seconds, and exhale for about five to six seconds.

3) Eat frequently

Maybe you often skip meals and don’t even realise it at times. It is understandable because being a mom makes you do crazy things. But, if you are very determined about losing weight, then set your priorities accordingly. Try to fit in things which will help you in losing weight without jeopardizing your priorities. Having meals frequently will help your body combat fat gain. This will not only keep your body energized but also will prevent you from consuming more calories. For each meal, you need to have fruits, whole grains, eggs, nuts et al. Basically, these nutrient rich foods will help your meal in getting absorbed better and then digested slowly inside your stomach.

4) The meal formula

Each meal that you consume should have 35 % protein and fat respectively along with 30 % of carbs. This formula will definitely help you lose weight effectively. Decreasing your calorie intake while increasing the protein intake helps you lose fat and keeps your body energized while at it.

Try to fulfill your fat consumption needs by eating fish and nuts. You should get the adequate amount of protein from chicken or eggs and your carbs from whole grains or beans.

5) 3 x Strength training per week

Muscle mass related routines increase the metabolic rate of your body while strength training burns those extra calories away. To gain muscle mass, start with squats, bicep curls, benching and lunges. Start slow but increase your sets to 12 reps each with intervals of 90 seconds between each set. Follow this sequence three times every week and you are likely to burn most of the fat out of your system. Remember not to stress too much. Start slow and pick up the pace once you are comfortable with these routines.

6) High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT consists of short bursts of exercises done that is done periodically for limited spans of time. As you go through HIIT, weight loss is soon to follow. It would require you to do some intense training at a stretch of 20 seconds. This is followed by an interval of 10 seconds. Follow this very sequence and repeat it about eight times. That will give you a 4 min worth of HIIT which needs to be followed by a sequence of five different sets of exercises for five minutes each. In total, you would just have to spend 20 minutes of your day, and voila, you will get back in shape even before you know it!

A proud mom

You are a proud mom either way and you are doing a great job at being one. So, do follow these expert tips but, most importantly, you need to make sure not to stress yourself out. You might also need to enlist the help of professional trainers for further advice. Indeed, we suggest that you take professional help before you start with any given exercise so you know you are making the right decisions and not putting your health at stake here.

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