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6 Hot Date Night Ideas for New Moms

As a new mom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with attending to your baby that you forget all about your spouse. Not to scare you, but marital satisfaction has been known to decrease with the onset of parenthood. Attention and affection often shift from each other to the child.

But this does not have to be the case with your marriage, put some extra effort into keeping the love alive. Bring back hot date nights, it does not have to be outdoors, and you do not have to worry about your baby’s safety in the hands of a baby sitter. With some creativity, romance can happen in the comfort of your home.

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Here are six hot date night ideas to help reignite the fire in your relationship.

1) Indoor Picnic

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Put the baby to sleep and cook a nice meal together or order takeout. Rollout a mat or blanket in the living room and set out a picnic for two, this way your baby remains within earshot as you enjoy some intimate time with your spouse.

You can build an indoor fort and cuddle as you listen to your favorite love song or just talk to each other. The intimate moment in this hot date night idea is sure to bring you closer and tighter.

2) Candlelit Dinner

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Nothing beats the romance behind a candlelit dinner. With the baby asleep, wear something sexy and order exotic takeout for your hot date night. Serve the food on your good china. Put out the lights and light some candles. You may want to leave out the wine if you are nursing, or go for non-alcoholic wine.

Put on some music and slow dance with your spouse in the living room. Your baby duties should not kill the romance in your relationship

3) Indoor Movie Night

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Get dessert from your favorite restaurant, or make some yourself and settle for a ‘Netflix and chill’ time with your honey.

Wear some comfy clothes and cuddle with your spouse as you watch a sexy movie or series on Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, or Amazon.  As simple as it sounds, it’s a nice break from the cartoons and animation movies you have had to watch with your kids.

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4) Home Spa

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Gather massage oil, essential oils, a diffuser, and candles. Give each other a full body massage in a scented room at home as the baby sleeps.

Pour two glasses of wine or a cocktail for nursing moms. Prepare a bubble bath and soak together, with candles surrounding and relaxing music in the background. It is an excellent way to release the stress of being new parents.

5) Gaming Fun

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Gaming as a couple can be super fun and exciting. Order in your favorite pizza, get some beer and play a game of scrabble, truth or dare, cards, or computer games.

Spice it up by adding a little romance into the game. For instance, add a slow strip tease for every lost round from either of you or a steamy gift for the winner.

6) Cook Together

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Any activity undertaken together is sure to get you closer on your hot date night. Prepare a meal you have never made before, and forget the healthy diet for the family tonight. Get naughty with the ingredients, fool around, feed each other and forget all about dirty diapers, fevers, and crying babies.

Alternatively, make a barbecue for two and chat. Remind yourself of the old times, why you fell in love with each other and the pleasant memories you share.

There are different ways you can spice up date night without having to leave your baby at home with a sitter. For instance, put your baby to sleep and set out a picnic in your living room, have a candlelit dinner or ‘Netflix and chill.’ Massage each other and soak in a bubble bath, cook together or if you are a competitive couple, play some fun games. Give your love some attention.

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