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How Stressed Out Moms Can Unwind From Digital Lives

Our lives have become ever-increasingly more digital as the last two decades have progressed. From using our smartphones to managing our lives, to working on our laptops and computers during the day – almost everything we do has a digital element to it. Staying connected to everything has its benefits but it can also make us feel slightly bogged down with life sometimes like we can’t escape.

Stressed Out Moms Need Breaks

To step away from social networks, forums and other platforms is a great way to give yourself a breather. Working moms especially, will tell you it is the best way to refresh your mind. It can help with writer’s block, let you find new ways to get inspired, and allow you to take stock of whatever it is you’re working on.

Unwinding is very much a skill as it is working hard. Some working moms find that their work life can easily overtake other aspects of their life. They find it hard to separate the two. Many fit working mothers are proud of juggling business, kids and relationships. And there is nothing wrong with working hard towards your goals. However, there are benefits to sometimes just step away and take a breather.

Why Working Moms Needs to Unwind

A break from technology doesn’t mean you need to delete all your apps, social media accounts and chuck away your laptops. It just means being able to dedicate a portion of your time each day to not check your phone, log onto your blog, reply to emails, etc. Instead, it means taking the time to enjoy yourself away from the digital space.

Read Offline

There are plenty of activities that can take you away from the digital world. A good book is priceless. Anyone who is an avid-reader will find themselves lost in a good story for days and days. If you’re not into books, magazines can be a good substitute for reading material. I’d stay away from newspapers, as the doom and gloom in your average paper is generally overwhelming at times.

Play Board Games

Having quality family time can be a great way to escape your digital lives. Playing board games with other adults can be a relaxing way to socialize with friends you might have lost touch with. You can also use board games or card games to play with young members of your family. It’s also a great way to make them learn to share and socialize better.

Vacation with Family

Vacations away from your home are great too- but not everyone can afford to take a trip across the state or even out of the country. Instead, you can take your family for long drives to visit family or friends in a different city, locality or even a neighbourhood just to get away from your digital life. Even a picnic in the park can help you achieve the sense of dissociation.

Spas Help Relax Stressed Out Moms

You can have a spa-day, which are the go-to place for working moms to have some extra special time for themselves. Spas are favorite hot-spots for working moms because they physically help you unwind your stressed out body and mentally soothe you too. Even having a meal out with friends at the spa can help you to unwind.

Long Walks and Exercise

One of the best ways to disconnect from your digital life is to take long enjoyable walks whether on a beach, across the hills or just down the lane every day. Walks are therapeutic and greatly contribute towards women’s health and fitness. And long walks are not even strenuous yet allow you time to think, clear your thoughts which are often crowded when we are bombarded by digital messages.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation takes many forms. They can be your typical religious rites at the church or at home. It can also be simple yoga workout routines to boost fitness. Meditation routines are a great way to relax the body and mind, and force you to stay away from your gadgets.

If you’re really struggling to get away from the digital world, I recommend little tips like leaving your phone in your bedroom or car when you go out. If you don’t have your phone on you and it’s too far away to get, it will help reinforce the need to check your messages all the time.

Hopefully this article gives you some good tips for taking a break from your online life. Having a balance between digital and real life activities is a great way to feel better.

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This is a guest post by Pat Soft. 

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