Top 10 Best Mommy and Me Android Apps

The truth about being a mom is that you always have to be very vigilant and moms are usually very good at that. Perhaps it’s intuition, or they are just really good at being moms. But sometimes you might need to take off for a while. Let’s be very honest here, moms are always exceptionally busy. So, to make things a bit easier, companies are pushing mobile apps for mothers and their children. They help you do things easily like track your kids or even monitor their schedules. You are likely not to miss anything but, even if you do, you’ll have these apps to help you out. These mommy and me Android apps are very easy to use and will be sure to help all the proud moms out there:

1) Choremonster

Google Play Rating – 3.7/5

This app will help you keep the kids busy with the chores you assign them with. The kids will also have a separate login credential from which you can keep a track of the chores. Completion of each chore will give points that can be used to buy rewards. Soon enough, you will have put up with less and less nagging and more productive days as your kids will have fun doing the chores and getting points to unlock rewards.

2) Family Locator- GPS tracker

Google play review – 4.4/5

Having a 9-5 job is hard enough when you are a parent. Also, it can be hard for you to keep track of the kids, which can induce stress and paranoia. This app will let your kids check in with their location, thus, giving you an update on their whereabouts. It also includes a Driver Protect version for teenagers who are learning how to drive. This app will help you track them and know whether they are safe.

3) Dormi Baby Monitor

Google Play Review – 4.4/10

This app will immediately turn your phone into an monitoring device where you can keep a track of your kid. Dormi lets you pair up with your kid’s device under high cryptography and let’s you stream audio or video from the paired phone. You can also use it to connect with multiple devices at the same time.

4) Photomath

Google Play User Review – 4.6/5

Currently trending on number 2 on playstore, this app will help you solve math problems instantaneously for your kid. It’s easy to use and comes in handy when you have no clue about your kid’s homework. All you have to do is click a picture of the given problem from your phone and wait for the app to solve it for you.

5) Cozi Family Calendar

Google Play User Review – 4.4/5

Tired of putting up sticky notes on your fridge? Then this app might help relieve you from the excruciating pain of remembering everything. It will help you schedule things and then share them with your family. It will keep everything in sync. The other members can also do things like adding grocery items to your list so that you don’t miss out on anything. You won’t have to run back and forth to the store to get groceries and other things.

6) Scholly

Google Play User Review – 3.9/10

If you are worried about your kid’s college, then this app will surely give you an edge over this situation. It will help your kids find the right scholarships for them. It also takes away the pain of filling up forms and, thus, provide your kid with more options.

7) Yummly

Google Play User Review – 4.5/5

Yummly helps you find any recipe you want. Along with that, it provides a list of the grocery items that are required to make them. It comes in handy when you have to go for grocery shopping without any prior knowledge of the dish that you are about to make.

8) Artkive

Google Play User Review- 2.3/5

Kids are always playing around and ruining things in the house with color that can even leave a permanent stain on the walls. This app lets your kid do the scribbles on the phone instead of the walls. Those drawings can be stored forever as long you have a phone that works. You can save all of their scribbles inside that app so it not only saves your house but also gives you a beautiful collection of memories to cherish forever.

9) Baby Feeding Log

Google Play User Review – 4/5

This will help moms keep track of feeding their babies and their routines. It will also help you log in the last time you fed your baby along with other specific details. The logs punched in will help you remember these things and slowly help you set up a schedule.

10) Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame

Google Play User Review – 3.7/5

This app will help your kids learn social skills. Toddlers often spiral out of control but this app will help you to keep things under check. This app has activities which help in the development of a child’s social skills and personality. It also helps them understand the various responsibilities that they have.

So, what’s your favorite of them all? We are yet to invent an app which will magically make kids listen to their parents but, till then, this list should come in handy. You can check out other apps for fitness here. 

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