5 Strength Training Equipment You Need to Get Now

According to scientific research, women leading a sedentary lifestyle have a tendency towards having metabolic disorders. The list includes obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and other bad things.

So, what is a woman to do, especially moms who don’t have choice about their fitness? While, running after baby means you will have enough cardio for years now, you will probably lose much of the strength that you had before the baby was born. The point is to actually build up your strength while caring for your baby.

Strength training equipment is very easy to get now-a-days. They build up your core, the part of your body that gives you inner strength, and save you from back pain, leg pain while, getting rid of that pregnancy fat at the same time.

Here are some of the strength training equipment you could use to do exactly that. You can get them from any fitness store or online to deliver just right at your door step. (We’ve listed some of our affiliate products here for you to get an idea) :

1. Ankle Weights

These are strap-ons you add to your feet, customised to build resistance. Being a mother often means you will spend a long time working on their feet. For these mothers, ankle weights are the perfect strength training tools.

How to use?

Just get yourself the weight you prefer and strap it in for the time of your workout, or during your daily chores.

What does it help in?

It builds up your legs to carry extra weight, making you light on your feet, and helping you to train yourself, while, not taxing you on time at all. Ankle weights add to your leg routine when you work-out and are generally very good for ridding your leg of the extra fatigue and giving you extra stamina.

If you want to keep up with the children these days, you must be fast, and resistance training does just that for you.

2. Kettleballs

Kettleballs add a spice to simple free-hand exercises. Your local gym is sure to stock up on these as they have been all the rage in the fitness world of late. They are easy to use, and work wonders in creating a routine of weights that is not as straining as dumbbells.

How to use?

Just get a kettleball to add to your practice of lunges and other things. They are easy to carry so, even if your toddler walks into you when you are working out, you would not hurt them.

What does it do?

Kettleballs are fun and efficient in building up your muscles in your hands and other parts of your torso. While, you can find many exercises can be found using kettleballs by various instructions, using them for squats and lunges have the extra benefit of them being full-workout helpers.

3. Gliding Discs

Another add-on to your free hand workout regime. These are simply to put under your foot as you work-out to add an extra dimension of balance to your regime. These are easy to use and helps in building your endurance as you work through the problems.

How to use?

When you are doing your daily quote of push-ups and other things just add the liders beneath your feet to train your torso better.

What does it do?

You with that. Ever thought you were clumsy at dealing with daily work? These will help you get back on your feet and do your work really really well.

4. Inversion Table

This is the most complicated thing we would recommend but, its for good reason. It helps in getting rid of chronic back pain and builds your back muscles so that you can put yourself to work without worries.

How to use?

Simply strap yourself in and pull yourself so that you can be in a comfortable angular position. And get yourself some work out that would help you build up abs and back muscles.

What does it do?

It creates a space for you to work out the pesky back muscles. Not only that, it helps you in aiding hip pain and lower back pain at the same time. Making it a wonderful accessory to have at your home.

5. Pull up bars

This might be a little bit tough for newbies, but, even hanging from a pull up bar is great for arm muscles and body weight.

How to use?

Set it up in a comfortable space and try to pull yourself up. This would help if you can pull yourself up, but, hanging from it a little would also help. Most pull up bars also have spaces for your normal torso routine, including tricep dips and push-ups

What does it do?

This is the simplest thing that can achieve a lot. Usually lightweight and harmless, it will build up your upper torso strength and your stamina at the same time.

Women reaching motherhood for the first time will have a hard time coping up with the stress. Workouts are a great way to reduce that. Add that to the natural benefits of getting rid of metabolic disorders at the same time, and you’re set.

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