Top 10 Fitness Apps You Can Depend on

Following a particular routine is hard. Keeping tabs of your daily workout and diet is harder. Now, that everything is easier with apps, health and fitness can be easy too. With these diet and workout apps on Android and iOS you can keep track of everything health, from calories to the number of steps. Here, we take a look at the top 10 fitness apps you should use to reach all your fitness goals.

  1.       Fitbit

The Fitbit app is a whole package. The app offers a very wide range of activities to perform and track which gives the user plenty of options to choose from. It is currently the Editor’s Choice on Android in the Fitness and Health category and rightly so. The app’s user interface is very easy-to-use. It has a user count of over 10 million people, most of whom have given this app stellar reviews. Take a look at the range of functions:

  •         Logging your daily activities like yoga, runs, treks or steps
  •         Balancing your calorie consumption per day
  •         Calculating your calorie consumption per day
  •         Heart rate tracking
  •         Competitions with your friends with daily challenge

All you have to do is sync your fitness tracking devices with this app and you’re good to go. The app supports everything from Blaze to Surge too.

  1.        MyFitnessPal

This application for fitness comes with the biggest food database out there. This app is your one-stop solution to everything diet. With over 6 million food items to select from, you can easily track what you’re eating and how much calories you’re taking in. Let’s take a look at the functions:

  •         Barcode scanner
  •         Recipe importer
  •         Calorie counter
  •         Water tracking

It also offers a very expansive set of exercises and routines you can follow to get your body moving. There is an option to set daily/monthly goals either manually or automatically.

You can also chart your progress to keep track of how much you’re improving. This app is a fitness coach inside your pockets. It also offers sharing your progress and accomplishments with your friends in the newsfeed. Oh, did we mention? You can connect with friends and family and see their progress reports too! Over 50 million people have used this app and you can clearly see why.

  1.       My Diet Coach 

This fitness app delves deeper and works as a great fitness motivator. With daily motivational posts, photos, tips and virtual rewards, you’ll start feeling healthy both in body and mind in no time. With many new and out of the box functions

  •         Customized reminders
  •         Daily challenges
  •         Random useful tips for your routine
  •         Visual weight tracker

This app is very dense in its functionality, yet very easy to use. It gives you virtual “healthy lifestyle” points for following your routine. If you like to you can dress up your avatar which is a fun way to engage you in your hard routines.

The app also offers Diet planner and diary which you can use to maintain your diet with functions like a barcode scanner, calorie calculator, BMI calculator, carbs, fats and proteins tracker etc. It is being used by over 10 million people worldwide.

  1.       Gymtastic

This is a new fitness cum workout app which aims to bring all things together in one place to make it convenient for the user to go through the fitness process. The app offers you with creating your own diet plan and gives you daily reminders for the timing and quantity of consumption you should take. It also gives you new 7-minute workout videos every week to follow which is innovative and healthy for the user. With workout plans that range from beginner to master level athlete, this app offers various combinations of workout routines. These are customized according to your  diet and body type

It’s a very light-weight app that can run on almost all devices without an internet connection which is a major plus for people living in the minimal network area.

  1.       Lifesum

This app is the ultimate diet diary app out there. It offers food diary, diet plans, calorie counter and even food recipes. The app helps you find the best diet plans for your body after you enter your data in it and suggests various workout plans you can follow. Whether it’s a keto diet, low carb diet or a high protein diet, this app has it all and then some. With various helpful suggestions throughout your fitness regime, it helps you in getting more fit easily. It has a macro calculator which helps you calculate your daily calories and nutrients consumption. But the best part about this app is the recipes. The app gives you many new recipes to go along with the foods in your diet to make the food you’re eating more interesting. It also offers meal suggestions for when you’re having cravings for unhealthy food to avoid any indulgence.

  1.       Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Exercise demos, calorie charts, calorie calculator, fitness tracking, carb counting tools, food database and much more, this fitness app has it all. With over a million users and a supportive community to help you in attaining your goal, this app will push you to your limits.

With a food database of over 3.5 million foods, the app helps you determine the best foods for your diet plan with the best calorie count. With a very innovative program called “Diet Program Agnostic” which is a 1200 calorie diet program.

The app will suggest you your own diet plans of your liking, whether it be keto diet, low-carb or no carb diet, vegan diet, or any other diet which will help you attain that fit body faster.

Along with these features, Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker also has a vast library of health-related articles to keep you on your feet and motivate you. It also has a very supportive community who have been at your place and are very encouraging.

  1.       YAZIO 

With over 6 million users, this gem of a fitness app has really caught up to the chart, rightly so, and has been one of the most popular health and fitness apps out there. With activity tracker, food diary, calorie calculator and many more functions seen in the above-mentioned apps, this one makes it easier for the user because of its interface, and also because most of these features are free. One more feature of this app for the more aware and careful people out there is that the data stored by this app is encrypted and stored anonymously on German servers and not a third party because of the strict German Data Protection Act. You can enjoy all the features by downloading this app and registering for free. But if you want to go a bit further, you can subscribe to its PRO feature which offers even more helpful features like new recipes, better tracking, smart and intelligent food rating, measurement of your body and much more.

  1.       HealthifyMe

This workout app has been gaining traction recently because of its accessibility and its easy to use interface. With a top-notch fitness tracker, this wholesome app offers some really great features that are very easy to use. An intelligent UI that helps you create a suitable diet plan according to your BMI and health data. This app gives you the best meal plans and workout routines suitable for your body.

The app also has a feed which updates you daily with the happenings in the fitness world along with motivational videos and photos. With the guidance of some of the best health practitioners and hospitals like Manipal, Medanta, Cloud9 and Sakra, the app provides combinations of technology and medical science for you to attain your fitness goal. With over 5 million users, this is the app to go to if you are looking for precision and easy interface in an app.

  1.       Strong: Exercise Gym Log

This is solely a fitness app that offers you multitudes of options to keep track of your workout plans. The app offers many innovative exercises for your body and gives you over 200 of them to choose from. With workout plans for beginners as well as experienced gym-goers, the app makes sure you get a workout that is personal.

And if you have your own preferences, you can customize your own exercise plan and follow it. Just picking exercises on the go is easy, but this app lets you combine them into a routine of your liking which is a huge advantage as it helps in getting fit faster.

The app stores all your data in a secure cloud and gives you a very extensive progress chart that helps you in determining your plans moving forward.

  1.   Home Workout- No Equipment

Looking for a fitness workout app that helps you in doing all the work at home without spending money on any equipment? Look no further because this is one of the best apps out there for people unwilling to leave the house as well as other people too. This app gives daily workout routines to you that are performed by body weight to build your muscles. Designed by experts, this app has workout plans for your chest, abs, legs, arms, butts and even full body. With animations and video guidelines, the app ensures that you’re doing the right forms and following right routines to the exercises. It has been the Editor’s choice for the past year and is being used by over 10 million people.

So, use your smartphones for doing something physical for once. Choose the kind of approach you want to take, and install these apps to follow your fitness routines, put on those shoes, and get to work to attain that fit body you’ve been dreaming of.

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