How These 5 Stay-at-Home Moms Stay Ahead

It is a truth well acknowledged that stay-at-home moms have their work cut out for them.  Stay at home mothers work really hard in maintaining their house, babies, and their own lives simultaneously, which together make for a very demanding job in itself. Amidst all of that, it is very hard for them to consider their own health and fitness and work towards those. But it is not completely impossible. Social media is full of mothers who make it a point to balance their work, health and baby-care. So, in case you are a mother who is looking for inspiration, here are five  stay-at-home moms who you should follow to get regular tips and updates on how they continue to stay fit despite being stay at home moms:

 1. Anna Strode

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This stay at home mom of two boys and a girl became quite an Instagram sensation. She worked hard to get fit and shares with other moms out there what she does via her posts. She makes it clear that a mom can work out with your toddler(s) straddling around. She claims that she has a very easy routine that she follows daily and keeps herself fit. She jogs for around 20 minutes does exercise for 30 mins daily and that’s it. What exercises? She does cardio sessions and resistance workouts. You can go and check her account on Instagram @bubs2bikinis where you can check out her posts and get even more inspired.

2. Poppy Montgomery

You may know her from the TV series Without a Trace after which, she quit acting to take care of her one-year-old kid. Poppy as an actress as well as a stay-at-home mom always maintained her fitness. She says that having a sound body is the first step of having a sound mind. While she got back to her acting chops, she quit again and became a full-time stay-at-home mother and still maintains her fitness. She squeezes in her workout routine in midst of handling her kids four times a day. Her routine includes a mix of strength training, yoga and Pilates which she does for about an hour, four days a week.

3. Rhea Durham

Mark Wahlberg with Rhea Durham

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The wife of Mark Wahlberg, Rhea quit her modelling career to stay home and take care of their four kids. She was always committed to being a stay-at-home mom and still is and doing a tremendous job at it. With a supremely fit husband like Mark, you would expect her to be fit. She believes that Mark and her both know the importance of staying fit. They both have different routines with Mark hitting the gym at 4 AM every morning but Rhea has a more practical approach for herself. She trains with her trainer Gunnar Peterson hits the gym whenever she gets some time.

4. Candace Cameron Bure

This woman quit her acting career to focus on seeing her children grow. She confessed that it was a very hard decision to make. But what has stayed constant is her health. She has been in a top-notch shape since she quit acting. According to her, it does require a lot of work. Primarily, she is on a vegan diet and tries to maintain that diet to its core. Other than that, she does cardio, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training five days a week with two rest days.

5. Julia Sweeney

She left her career in Hollywood behind to be a full-time stay-at-home mom. She beat cancer and got back to her life as it was nothing. Now 57, she has been a big inspiration to all stay-at-home moms by sharing her views on what counts as fit. She believes that it is okay to have a broader figure as long as you feel fit. She maintains a healthy diet and keeps her body healthy by doing daily activities like taking long, refreshing walks.

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