10 Must Have Workout Clothes for Stylish Moms

If you want to be fashionably correct, or feel like a diva oozing positive energy, then you must read this. After all who doesn’t want to attract people, make new friends and grow socially? It’s the vibe that you definitely owe yourself. Here are ten workout clothes that you definitely need in your wardrobe to make going to the gym, yoga, or jogging look sexy:

1. For jogging

jogging suit

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This is one of the more strenuous exercises which helps in working almost every muscle in the body. Needless to say, jogging requires clothes that are not so body fitting; at least for the lowers. You should wear a jogger’s capri. They are mostly made of rayon, cotton and a little of spandex as well. They come in various colors too!

Choose colors like grey, blue or black, combine it with a long-sleeved half-zip top. For the top, choose bright colors like violet, ultramarine blue or red which will make you stand out from the crowd. These tops’ materials are mostly polyester and spandex, thus fitting your body around the right curves. With an outfit like this, you’ll be ready for any jogging or running exercises, be it a marathon even! Braid your hair in the French plait and you’re ready to go!

2. For stretching exercises

Stretching Exercises

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Stretching your arms, legs and stomach and back will help you loosen the knots in your body. To ensure that you are comfortable as well as spot on, you can stick to clothes that are mostly nylon. You can wear stretchy high waist leggings to make your legs look longer.

Wear colors like sky blue, light pink, lemon yellow. For the upper wear you can put on a tank top with slim sleeves, preferably black in color (since black goes with everything).Tank tops help you to move properly, are washable and easily available.  With this gear on, you don’t need to worry about not looking trendy enough.

3. For cycling


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Cycling is a really great activity of your legs as it tones muscles. Do not forget to show off your calf muscles, wear free size stretchy shorts just up to your knees or mid-thighs. Black or dark blue are the go-to colors for stretchy shorts. Consisting of more rayon and spandex, it doesn’t create any marks on your thigh. You can combine it with a loose crop top having patterns and/or batik patches. If you have army camouflage pattern, they are going to make you look great with these shorts. Finish it off with a pair of French braids on both sides, it is going to make you look active and relaxed.

4. For rope jumping

rope jumping

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Rope jumping is more of a warm up exercise but you can increase the intensity of doing it, thus making it a workout routine. You can put on a monochromatic brightly colored racerback bra, and on top of it a light colored racerback tank top with generic sized sleeves. They make you look immensely sexy in this color combination, for example you can choose a red bra and a light pink tank top on top of it. For the lowers go for cotton track pants. Cotton is airy and lets your legs remain cool and dry. Hold your hair up in a high ponytail and there! You are ready for rope skipping.

5. For yoga

yoga mesh top

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Yoga is by far the best workout routine which is calming, relaxing and increases your flexibility. Yoga requires no hindrance at all, so it would be better if you wore tank tops with built-in bras. Choose ones with a meshed back. They make your body feel airy. These tank tops mostly have moisture absorbing capacity to make you feel cool and dry as well as make you look fit and sexy at the same time. Lower wear should be preferably stretchy half-pants or shorts; stick to cotton pants for this because spandex or rayon can be a little restrictive of your movements when you want to bend all the way or stretch backward. A long tank top and shorts; it is a terrific combination and is going to give you an amazing look. You can match it up with a high bun, if you prefer.

6. For the treadmill


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Walking on the treadmill is a slow but sure calorie burner. For this physical activity you can bring back the classic gear of the track suit and pants. Choose cotton fabric because they keep you airy and fresh. Wear a loose white or grey tee-shirt within the track suit. Choose any color of your choice, not actively bright though. Something like crimson, maroon, peach or darker nude shades. This gives you a classic look, carry the rest of this outfit with quirky printed running shoes or even denim ones and a simple single braid in your hair. Overall, you’ll look cute and athletic. So they may say that “this outfit is old-fashioned” but what they do not know is that “vintage is the new trendy”.

7. For push-ups


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For chest exercises, push-ups are the deal. For push-ups, stick to body fitting tee-shirts. Choose ones with polyester, rayon and spandex material. These tees feel light, just the right amount for you to continue with the intense workout. You can choose any color you want, printed designs or even abstract ones. Pull this off with a pair of stretchy long leggings, considerably of rayon and/or cotton. If you are going for a printed tee, then you should preferably to wear monochromatic tights of darker colors. French braid your hair (again! But if you should know, French braids look the best with work out attires). This workout style is going to be super easy for you and accentuate your figure making you look quite amazing.

8. For swimming sprints


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Swimming requires immense stamina and is oxygen consuming. For the swimsuit, wear a one piece, they are more comfortable and stylish. Preferably wear one with slim sleeves; they don’t restrict your arm movements, and help you complete your strokes beautifully. Swimsuits nowadays come as doubly padded, so choose the ones especially made of nylon and polyester. Pin up your hair in a flat bun and put on a matching swimming cap. Swimsuits come with color patterns nowadays, choose any fun color and feel actively stylish when you complete longer laps around the swimming pool. Oh! And do not forget your swimming goggles, they are key.

9. For lunges


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Thigh workouts can be painful in the beginning but they tone down your thigh muscles greatly. For lunges, you can stick to wearing a body fitting racerback tank top and on top of that, you can put on a nylon loose crop top; it’s going to look modestly sexy. Choose those attires that are mostly machine washable. For the lowers, you do not want to put too much pressure on your thighs so stick to cotton shorts. The best combination to look stylish is to go for a black tank top, dark violet crop top and grey shorts. This may seem monotonous with its plainness, but the color combination compensates for it. You can use a headband if you want, but wear your hair in a high ponytail.

10. For weight lifting

weight lifting

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Be it using dumbbells or even heavy weights, it becomes a really strenuous exercise but great for your arms, biceps etc. For free movement, wear a brightly colored sports bra with a meshed back or a strappy back. You might like to wear a loose tank top over it, but just a bra will do just fine. For your lowers, we recommend rayon and spandex shorts; they should be above your mid-thigh by two fingers so that they do not hinder your legs in case you need to squat a little while lifting the heavy weights. Also wear sweat bands on your wrists; they prevent the sweat from reaching your palms as well as make you look active and ready for the physical activity. For the shorts and bra, choose a contrasting color combination, brighter colors look better, pin your hair back into a tight ponytail and you should be ready to weight lift, in style.

In today’s era it is not always possible to adhere to a particular workout outfit for a certain physical activity. Make sure most of your workout attires are made of polyester, rayon or nylon, and spandex. They are stretchy and adapt to your body movements and are not restricting. Ensure that these are machine washable. The important thing is, you want to focus on comfort and stylish. You simply cannot expect your body to adapt to the weather easily but you can buy clothes that can. All in all, if you have difficulty choosing you can always mix and match, just remember to be comfy while you are at it. 

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