5 Easy Workout Routines Busy Moms Can Do in 5 Minutes

It’s really hard including rigorous exercises into your daily routine in this fast paced life. More so, if you’re a busy mom. Between the kids, running errands, the job of being a mom in the 21st century is not cut out for beautification. You hardly get time to take care of yourself and your body. So, here are some easy workout routines that you can do in five minutes or less. You save yourself the hassle of finding long hours to go to the gym when you adopt these routines. 

1. Squats

These are a no-brainer. Everyone who is into heavy workouts does squats nowadays. However as a completely stand-alone exercise, squats are very healthy and the go-to workout for building the core and thigh muscles. Even busy moms can incorporate this exercise into your daily routine like doing your laundry. Just lift the basket with clothes in it and use it as a weight in this exercise and get going. You can fit a five-minute squats routine pretty much anywhere in your daily routine.

2. Planking

Planking is a full body exercise, especially for moms. It builds your back, your core muscles along with your shoulders. And the best thing about it is, you don’t need any equipment at all. One or two sessions of  five-minute planking in a day and you can say goodbye to all those nasty back pains. Remember to take a ten seconds break if you are getting exhausted. Just lie down on your stomach and raise yourself up in a push-up position. Bend your forearms till they reach the floor and try to maintain that position as long as you can. Take a 10-second break each time you break the form and repeat for 5 minutes. Go work those muscles.

3. Rob Fletcher Workout Routine

Rob Fletcher has developed some rigorous workout routines cramped within five minutes. His plans are quite renowned and even performed by people who do heavy workouts. Out of his many suggested workouts, this particular easy workout is the most suitable for busy moms. The routine is more focused on repetitions rather than on time. Out of the exercises mentioned below, you must do twelve repetitions of any one to your liking per day and change the exercise every day. These can easily be done within five minutes and once you start getting fitter you can even add weights to the routine.
Push ups
Bicycle crunches
Jump lunges
Jump squats

4. Yoga Ball Exercise

This is an easy workout for moms, especially for the ones that have just begun with physical exercises. It is relaxing and helps in building your core muscles. Just get a yoga ball, and in between your chores, take a five-minute break to sit on the ball in various positions. Keep maintaining one position each time throughout the 5 minutes.

5. Bust Lifter

One of the easiest and most rewarding workouts for busy moms. It helps in building your calf muscles, shoulder muscles, back muscles and arm strength. You just need to stand at an arm’s distance from a wall. Then put your arms on the wall at your chest level. Slowly lean forward till your arms make a right angle with the wall and you’re on your toes, then slowly come back on your feet. Repeat this process for five minutes daily.

There you have it, moms. Easy workout routines that fit into your hectic schedules which will take care of your body strength and keep it healthy and fit since you already know, a sound body means a sound mind.

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