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Which BOB Stroller to Choose for Baby and Mom Workout

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Most moms have embraced working out in spite of their tight schedule and numerous commitments. If you are a mom who doesn’t work out, it’s about time you took control over your fitness.

Stroller strides are the most convenient workouts for any mom. The stroller adds resistance that makes a short workout session quite effective.

Whether jogging, running or using your stroller for strength training and toning, the rapid movements require that you use a stroller that is specially designed for working out.

As you go shopping for a jogging stroller here are a few easy-to-forget things you should keep in mind.

1) Handle height

The handle height affects your posture during a workout. Before making the purchase, stand in front of the stroller and hold the handlebar. It should be a comfortable height that prevents stooping when jogging.

2) Your lifestyle

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Are you the kind of mom who goes on impromptu hiking with her baby? Then you have to be keen on the stability and quality of wheels in your new stroller as well as storage capacity.

3) Capacity needs

Consider your baby’s weight. Jogging strollers come with a specified capacity limit, going above it can affect the stroller’s efficiency.

4) Multipurpose or single purpose

Do you need a jogging stroller for workouts only or one that you can take to the grocery shop as well? Some jogger strollers are designed for purely meeting your sporting needs, using it to walk around the city could turn out to be an annoying experience.

The different models of the BOB Gear jogging stroller are by far the best jogging strollers for any mom workout. They come in different varieties and with all the right features designed to give baby and mom a smooth and safe workout session. Here are a few pointers to help you pick the best BOB stroller.

A Fixed Front Wheel or Locking Swivel Front Wheel

The decision to buy a stroller with a fixed or locking swivel front wheel depends on your needs. If the stroller is purely for workouts, a fixed front wheel such as the BOB Sport Utility Stroller and the BOB Blaze can work fine. The fixed wheel makes turning difficult and prevents the stroller from taking unexpected turns. However, it but would be inconvenient when running errands.

For a mom who needs her stroller for other tasks besides working out, the BOB Revolution Flex and BOB Revolution Pro have a swivel front wheel with a locking mechanism that guarantees your baby’s safety when jogging, and you can still have an easy time doing when out shopping with your baby.


For a smooth mom and baby workout, the baby must be comfortable in all terrains. While most jogger strollers have shocks on the rear wheels to protect the baby from discomfort on the road, not all offer the right kind of suspension. It should be adjustable depending on the terrain and increasing weight of your baby.

With the BOB strollers being the best workout strollers, the BOB Blaze, Revolution Flex, Revolution Pro, and the Stroller Strides strollers come with a modern adjustable suspension system which guarantees an enjoyable workout experience for your baby. The seats are double padded and have a five-point harness which further keeps the baby comfortable and secure.


A handbrake can come in handy when jogging downhill where the stroller can go too fast, on rough terrain or when you are approaching hazards and traffic lights. It helps you to easily slow the stroller down without using your body as the brake and placing too much exertion on it.

Most fixed front wheel strollers come with a handbrake such as the BOB Sport Utility Stroller and BOB Blaze. As for the strollers with the locking swivel front wheel, the BOB Revolution Pro comes with hand-activated rear drum brakes for added safety.

Adjustable Tracking

In order to keep the front wheel running straight and in the direction intended, a good stroller should have adjustable tracking. It prevents a situation where you would have to manually correct the front wheel in the middle of your jogging, and that would be quite exhausting.

All the BOB strollers come with adjustable tracking. You can adjust your front wheel with a simple twist of the knob for a smoother workout experience.

Quality of the Wheels

A major difference between jogging strollers and the regular strollers is in the size of the wheels. The diameter of the wheel of a jogging stroller is almost double that of a traditional stroller. The extra size is designed to give your baby a smooth ride on rough terrains.

All the BOB strollers have air-filled high-impact polymer wheels that guarantee on-road and off-road comfort for your baby. The BOB Blaze comes with aluminum alloy-wheels on lightweight making it a high-speed jogger stroller for the super active mom.

Other Features

The extra-large UPF 50+ canopy in BOB strollers is wide enough to shield your baby from harsh weather such as a scorching sun or headwinds. In case your workout is in the early morning or evening, the Bob Revolution Flex Lunar has an ultra-reflective fabric that keeps you and your baby safe and visible.

The BOB strollers have a large viewing for easy interaction with your baby without the need to stop. The BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 and the BOB Blaze both come with a quiet magnetic closure that lets your baby sleep in peace.

The last thing you need during your workout session is a hungry baby. The BOB strollers have an extra-large storage space and integrated pockets to carry enough snacks for your baby. For moms who spend more time outdoors, the BOB Revolution Pro and Revolution Flex have 15% more storage space to cater for your extra packing needs.

All the Bob strollers are well designed to give baby and mom a smooth workout session. The Bob Revolution Pro, however, stands out being a swivel front wheel stroller with a handbrake that adds extra safety.

The Bob Revolution Flex Lunar, on the other hand, makes you visible to motorists during an early morning workout providing extra safety while the Sport Utility stroller and the BOB Blaze are the only BOB strollers with a fixed front wheel.

The speed and extra stability caused by the fixed front wheel make the BOB Blaze a perfect choice for the mom whose primary need for the stroller is working out.

Your needs should guide your choice. With the right jogger stroller, baby and mom workout time may become something you both look forward to daily.

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  1. PADDED HARNESS: For baby to have a comfortable, enjoyable experience, look for padded straps. You can add a snuggly insert to make it even cushier for him. All BOB strollers feature padded, five-point safety harnesses, and any model can be equipped with a Warm Fuzzy a thick fleece panel with ultra-padded quilting.

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