The Ultimate Workout Programs For Moms to Lose Weight Fast

Taking care of yourself suddenly drops way down to the very bottom on your priority list when you are a mom. So, while you may have been planning to get in shape again and lose those extra pounds you acquired all this time, it must not be easy trying to decide which workout program you should invest your time and energy in and that fits seamlessly into your day.

So, here we have reviewed some good fitness routine for moms which will help all you baby mamas shed that extra weight.

Pilates-Infused Functional Workouts By Erica Ziel

Erica Ziel brings you a workout routine focused on toning, conditioning and sculpting your entire body with a two DVD set with a bonus workout booklet which provides you with beginner and advanced level workout charts. These routines are focused on strengthening your deep core muscles and pelvic floor. With a set of 10 exercises, the workouts are divided into the two DVDs in a very convenient way. DVD 1 focuses on intermediate workouts like Pilates-infused workouts, arm sculpting and squats which will strengthen your Kegel region and help you lose the weight fast and easy. You can start slowly and gradually increase your pace according to your comfortability level as the routines shown here provide you with an option of adapting the physical workout. Once you’re done with that, DVD 2 kicks it up a notch and gives you some heavy routines which build up your abdominal strength and help you shed those last remaining pounds. The best part about this one is how conveniently it makes the switch from intermediate to advance as the transitions are so easy if you follow the instructions properly.

The best thing about these routines is that they are very doable and less time consuming with an easy-going coach who elegantly leads you to work out more and more.

Fabulously Fit Moms: The New Mom Workout by Jennifer Nicole Lee

This is a good fit for moms who are beginners and have never done a heavy workout before or have lost their touch with their active self. Consisting of some innovative exercises which can also be done with your babies, this DVD focuses on some very easy exercise routines which will help you adapt that workout style smoothly. And the best part is the exercises shown here can be done with your kid/kids which can give you some quality time with them while simultaneously making you and your kid healthy. The exercise routines shown here are innovative and designed for you to be able to do along with your kids.

But if you are looking for some advanced workout, you better skip this one because this one is totally for the beginners and giving them the motivation to push themselves so they can move on to more intense fitness routines.

Buff Moms: Beyond Baby Body Workout

This is a complete postnatal routine which focuses on muscle sculpting. The workout routines provided in this aren’t just about losing weight but getting a buff body via some heavy cardio drills and many more exercises.

The instructor has broken down these workouts into small 4-10-minute segments which are easy to follow along. This provides you with an option of saving a lot of time and adopting a routine suitable for your day to day time allotment. For instance, you can perform a full upper body cardiovascular workout on one day/time, focusing only on that portion of your body for that day, and do a full lower body workout on another day/time, doing the exercise routines that focus on that part of your body. The whole routine really feels like that the author of the book this DVD is based on has done her homework quite well. The workouts divided into segments gradually increase their intensity as mentioned in their instructions and help you adapt the routines while also strengthening your core muscles.

The good thing about this is the routines provided in this DVD are often done by many veterans who already have a good body and want it to stay that way.

Jillian Michael’s Hot Body Healthy Mommy

A very well calculated workout routine, Jillian Michaels really has done her work in making this whole expansive routine which will resonate with any mom out there.  Jillian takes all the guesswork out of fitness crafted these routines to help you lose weight with the help of renowned pregnancy fitness expert Andrea Orbeck. All the workouts are intrinsically designed to focus on different parts of your body.

The best part of this DVD is how the instructor understands the hectic schedule of a mom and has very intelligently divided the workouts into small packets of 20 minutes each so that they can be easily and efficiently done in any order of your own liking.

Also, Jillian gives some very important and often ignored instructions to moms who have had a C section or diastasis recti which is very often ignored by many instructors in their workout routines for moms which makes this one of the most accessible and effective workout DVDs out there for you moms.

The workouts are also very accessible as they require no special equipment other than a pair of dumbbells which is a luxury compared to other ones out there which often require you to go out and buy some stuff which on many occasions costs you some serious bucks.

With basic and advanced modifications in its movements, this workout routine has everything for beginners as well as for moms already in shape. So, once you get the green light from your doctor to start working out, grab this one because this is one of the best options out there in the market.

Sara Holliday’s Stroller Workout for Moms

This DBD has an innovative designed stroller workout program which helps you strengthen your upper body, torso, hips and thighs. It also includes a very healthy cardio-vascular fitness routine which helps you lose weight more efficiently and makes your body more susceptible to easy weight loss.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight in a convenient way that doesn’t take too much time off your daily timetable, this is a good option to get your body adapted to those movements. Then you can move on to more advanced workouts to lose those last remaining pounds and probably some more!

Postnatal SlimDown by Lindsay Brin & Moms Into Fitness

Carefully crafted routines which are specifically focused towards losing weight and attaining that healthy body, this DVD has it all.  And if that doesn’t convince you, this DVD has been #1 in the postnatal workout on Amazon for 3 years!

This DVD also provides you with information on some very important things like nutritional webinars (which also includes important information on breastfeeding), information on energy expenditure on a daily basis according to the routines you have followed, tips about proper diet and much more things. Which only makes the process easier for you all the while, making the process more fun!

With six toning workouts, four cardio workouts and five core workouts, this DVD has it all for every mom out there willing to shed their weight and even for moms already in a good shape, who want to attain an even healthier body.

We know every mother out there has a different types of body shapes, needs and restrictions. And there are so many options out there that it gets confusing to choose from. It’s also a fact that not everything out there is healthy and convenient for you. We have done our best to dissect those multitudes of options to help you figure out the best way to go. All of these different and unique workout routines that are suitable to your several and unique needs have but one thing in common: they are designed to help you lose weight in a healthy way that is not only comfortable for you but also fits seamlessly into your routine.

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