5 Celebrity Moms and Their Favorite Fitness Routines

An average woman gains about 40 to 50 pounds during pregnancy and while this list is comprised of celebrities, they are still human and were subjected to same ups and downs. They are just as susceptible to facing the many health issues one might endure postpartum, most of them related to weight gain and inability to take care of themselves because of the extremely stressful routine that comes with having a baby. But, despite this, a lot of these same celebrity moms seem to remain glowing, fit and unaffected by all the distress. So, one wonders what these moms do to stay fit. After all, it’s not magic but all about healthy diet and exercise.
So, let’s take a look at the routines of these celebrity moms who have managed to stay fit even after having a baby:

1. Reese Witherspoon, 42

Don’t let this woman’s petite figure fool you. She puts in the same amount of time in toning her body as she does on set. A mother of 3, Reese practices portion control while allowing herself to some treats moderately. She is a regular runner and stays tip-top by engaging in various routines.
She is very disciplined with what she eats and doesn’t like diets. “I don’t believe in crash dieting or anything like that,” she revealed to US Weekly.
She is an ardent runner and likes to grab a couple of friends with her to go and talk about life all while running.
She loves hitting up personal fitness classes with her girlfriends like Burn 60 and Body by Simone. Her former trainer Michael George described her routine as a bountiful mix of cardio, strength training, and a balanced diet. He also mentioned spicing up her fitness by taking her on hikes and doing the strength training there.

2. Jessica Alba, 37

Jessica Alba Fitness

Image source: jonvilma.com

Jessica Alba is often complimented on her scalding good looks but it must not have been easy to maintain that physique. Her body is a result of lots of hard work and commitment.
Mother of 3, she isn’t too hard on herself with her workout. “If I work out four times, I consider it a successful week. But it’s typically more like two to three days a week because that’s what I have time for.” She said to Shape magazine.
She compensates her lack of workout by going on long walks with her children and taking hot yoga sessions in the morning. She wakes up at 5:15 AM every day to do a full body Yoga Sculpt (hot yoga inspired full-body workout) while also focusing on her diet. But she doesn’t shy away from satisfying her cravings and doesn’t deprive herself of some junk food. “I don’t deprive myself… I have [junk] if I want it. When I do feel that I am depriving myself, I find that I binge. That’s not a balanced way to go about it” she said.

3. Natalie Portman, 36

This slim and trim hot mommy of two is well known for being a vegan. She has been a vegan since her pre-teen years and has maintained a very balanced diet since then. Therefore, she always has been very careful about what she eats and what goes into her food which ultimately helps her avoid the usual “calorie-laden traps” when it comes to processed food and such.
As for her workout routine, she keeps it fairly simple by going on regular runs with her spouse, Benjamin, and often take hiking trips. The main factor behind keeping her body in shape has always been what she eats.
“I like pleasure, I like joy. I’d never get to the point where I would starve or injure myself . . . I’m the opposite — when I’m hungry, I eat, and I always make sure I’m eating something delicious,” she said to Vogue.

4. Gwen Stefani, 48

Gwen Stefani Fitness

Image Source: celebriteaze.blogspot.com

This singer likes to keep both her voice and body intact and in perfect shape. Mother of 3, Gwen is an embodiment of what a perfectly healthy body is.
“I work out five days a week, I can’t imagine not doing it. And if I let myself down, appear on stage when I’m not looking my best, it’s just not fun for me.” Says Gwen who has a very hardcore workout style. She likes to workout like a man as she says herself and indulges in a very heavy workout plan. “I’m not into yoga or Pilates. They don’t work for me, and I don’t have the patience. I’m more like a man. I like going to the gym and lifting weights or doing a little boxing.”
She likes to chain together different exercises to her fitness regime and prefers compound movement exercises which activate more than one joint per exercise.

5. Kristen Bell, 37

Kristen Bell Fitness

Image source: wallpaperswide.com

Refreshingly honest and very down to earth, this mother of 2 has a very relatable fitness routine.
“I hate them all. But they make me feel good, so I keep coming back.” Kristen says to SELF. She is a working mom who just tries to fit workouts into her routine so she can feel good mentally and physically.
She too is a regular runner and fits Pilates somewhere in between whenever she gets the time. The most awesome way she works out is by sharing yoga DVDs with her friends. “If I’m all by myself with both kids, which happens often, I’ll sometimes put on a yoga DVD and all three of us will do it together,” she says. “And, sure, they’re climbing all over me and it makes it very difficult…I just turn it into muscle building and pretend that they’re little weights that are attached to my back or my ankles! And they put my balance to the test, too—in any yoga position, they will try to knock me over” she says.
But she also likes to keep things simple and balanced as much as she can. For example, she eats granola bars which are very convenient and easy to grab on the go. She also doesn’t mind missing out on her workout for some time as long as she’s just moving her body.

Feature image source: glamour.com

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