Top 10 Easy to Adopt Stylish Mom Fashion

As a mom, style and fashion can sound like a dream or more of a luxury.

You are probably thinking that you barely have enough time for shopping or putting together a nice outfit, so maintaining style could be quite impossible.

But something as simple as adding a few items to your wardrobe can give you a little lift. It can give you the look of a fashionable woman, and not just someone’s mom.

Why You Need to Adopt These Styles

They are easy to put together mom fashion. You can shower and be ready in less than twenty minutes.

They take into consideration your post-baby body weight and bring out your best features. They are designed to give a nursing mom an easy time feeding the baby.

You can easily afford them. They don’t strain your already tight budget.

They are versatile; can be worn in different ways so it doesn’t get monotonous.

When you look good, you feel good about yourself. Your confidence increases and your moods get better; a happy mom raises a happy child.

The next time you go shopping, add the following outfits to your mom fashion collection. Forget your old pregnancy clothes.

Cardigans and Sweaters

Plus Solid Cardigan Jumper – $63.00

from: SHEIN

While sweatshirts and jackets are okay, a cardigan can add a little spice to your look. A boyfriend cardigan combined with skinny jeans keeps you well covered while still giving you a stylish look. Experiment with a boyfriend cardigan, fitted or slouchy sweaters.


Plus Scalloped Hem Laser Cut Self Tie Waist Shirt Dress – $48.00

from: SHEIN

How about you ditch the yoga pants for casual dresses?  A loose fit dress can give you the same comfort and flexibility in movement that your everyday yoga-pants give while adding a feminine look. Go for a short dress and add some tights underneath or a maxi dress. You are going to be comfortable enough to run around with your kids or sit on the floor and play with them.

Skinny Jeans

Roll Hem Ripped Skinny Ankle Jeans – $21.00

from: SHEIN

No mom should be without skinny jeans. Basic dark denim shouts style and can flatter any body type. If possible, choose those with Lycra, they hold their shape even as your body size changes. A nice pair of jeans combined with a t-shirt or denim shirt can be won to any outdoor event.

Trendy Sweatpants

Cut And Sew Panel Zip Up Sweatshirt With Pants- $23.00

from: SHEIN

The word is “trendy”. Add the latest sweats to your wardrobe. Top this with a well-fitted t-shirt and you are ready to drop your kids to school and head back home; without looking like you just jumped out of your bed and into your car.


Block Heeled Knit Sock Boots- $31.00

from: SHEIN

The next time you go shoe-shopping, forget the slip-ons, you must have enough of those. Try some ankle boots, high boots, sneakers, and ballet flats. Your feet must be tired from running around, so heels might feel like a no-no, but truth is, they enhance your look. Try a wedge, platform, or any thick heel.


A layered outfit gives you comfort while accentuating your new mom-curves. It gives you comfort while still being chic. Aim to keep the layers thin, you don’t want to look bulky. For instance, a lacy top peaking out of your jeans outfit would look awesome.


Cutout Smocked Neck And Cuff Tunic Dress – $17.00

from: SHEIN

Tunics are loose fitting long tops that are a must-have for every mom. You can have them in a variety of styles and colors. Wear them over skinny jeans or Ponte pants and you are good to go.  The best part is that they are stylish, comfortable and can be worn to any occasion; a baby shower, to the park, or lunch with the family. Adding a belt can give you a more fitted look

Ponte pants

You can call these an improved version of yoga pants. They are thick and stretchy. They give you a slimmer look and are the perfect pants for moms. If you are already working out, the material is tightly knit so that they still fit perfectly even after losing weight. Pick a dark color and have them in a variety of styles.


This is the perfect attire for moms. They are stylish, comfortable, and come in a variety of styles. If you are a nursing mom, you can get one in a button-down. For an extra comfy outfit, get a t-shirt dress, or a collared dress for a chic look. Wear it with dark leggings and add some accessories.


You can never go wrong with adding a few accessories to an outfit. It brightens up a rather boring outfit.

Scarves – If your child is always pulling your necklace, use a scarf instead, play around with different colors that match the color scheme of your outfit.

Jewelry – A classy pair of earrings and some bracelets can upgrade your look in a few seconds.

Stylish belt – A nice belt can give the impression of a well-defined waistline.

Bags – Get a stylish bag. Gone are the days when you could just walk around with a wallet. As a mom, you have to carry around diapers, a change of clothes for your baby and your own necessities. But this does not mean you have to walk around with an oversized bag with cartoon pictures all over. Get a nice bag in modern style and bold colors. No one has to know it carries diapers.

Being a mom does not mean you have to neglect yourself and focus solely on your kids. You have to take care of yourself as well.

Invest in a few dresses, denim jeans and shirts, Ponte pants, tunics, and shirt-dresses. Get some trendy cardigans, sweaters, and sweatpants. Complete your wardrobe with a few comfortable heels and boots. Always accessorize your look to give it the extra oomph.

Finally get a nice haircut that’s easy to maintain and one that brings out your best features. Experiment with different colors and keep it interesting. Wear some makeup, whether you are indoors or out, always look your best.

Be the hot stylish mom who is not afraid to turn a few heads.

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